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Puntland Military Discussions. Whats The Goals for 2011?

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I think its about time Puntland this years holds a parade showing the arsenal of our state. Lets not kid ourselves, we are building an marine force, we are having 6 black hawk helicopters supporting our ground troopers, we have strong institutions in carmo academy which is the only police institution in the whole country to train our forces. The tfg boys either come to carmo or go to uganda, djibouti and so forth to train their troopers. Where-as the hargeisa folks dont have such institutions and send their kids to ethiopia for training.


Lets firstly state that we are proud to have 3 strong security institutions namely

1. PIS

2. Marine Institute at Bender Ziyada which is strong institute that is building

3. Carmo Academy Police



1. Darawish


I am happy to hear that farole is doing some reforms and paying the darawish higher and bringing in a no khat policy, hopefully this will retain the border troopers to the state. We need an organized, fit and well trained border troops because of the hot-spots in galkayo and las anod.


Its not a funny matter either it appears we have invested to much into the PIS and are concerned about beating shabab because after-all shabab is not really a military force in puntland but more of an insurgency type of force in other words an enemy u cant see but who can strike at any time. To defeat this menace is to have strong intelligence and it appears we have done that.


But by focusing on strong intelligence we cant lose the importance of our darawish border troops who are the security guys who deal with clan violence type of people like baraxley, snm, etc. Thats who we send to deal with those type of people.


Now why is there so much secrecy with puntland security sector? why dont we show what we got, are we afraid that we will be tagged siyad barre army because of huge arsenal? I saw the uproar that was caused by puntland merely building a navy force of 1000 men that are specially trained and armed.


120 of these technicals were purchased also for the marines and god knows what else their hiding from us



The First Batch of Marine Recruits



Some of the current naval fleet(TO BE UPGRADED WITH 6 Black Hawk Support)



Carmo Police Academy Famous For Training Puntland and Tfg police officers








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The police recruits are all hauled into buses to carmo academy to meet Sargent I Dont Give A Fcuk



I know these police type of vans are famous in puntland siiba bosaso iyo garowe







Ciidanka Asluubta qeybtooda garowe



Bosaso Governor Guards



Base 54 Darawish Command Tower



Abdullahi Yusuf Darawish Troopers in Hamar


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Abdullahi Yusuf Boys Strapped with UZIS



One Division Of The Darawish in Galgala Getting Their Orders From The VP



Darawish Marching On



Another Division of Darawish Getting Their Orders





More unique puntland police vehicles


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Puntland has four tier security system


1. Police

2. Darawish

3. PIS

4. Marine Force


Now I'd say the police is our strongest point in puntland it has its own institution and they are alot more visible then the rest. The PIS would be next runner up cause its heavily armed and heavily funded. Then would be the marine force which all somalis are crying about however in a couple of years it might even outstrip our police force. The darawish would be the weakest element i believe. Maybe not who knows puntland govt could be keeping its secret and stuff like navy stuff but I dont hear much on the darawish at all however they are there just not as visible as I would prefer them to be. Lets see if the darawish reforms farole is enacting will change this.


Anyways I suggest always that darawish sector of our security needs huge boostening. We need to stop hiding them as if were not responsible state, we should be out there showing that we have strong border troops who are also loaded up. I would like to see this years august celebration be darawish celebration of power. Lets put all the other sectors aside and parade the darawish throughout garowe armed with guns, tanks, technicals and bm21 and all the other equipments at the galkayo warehouse

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If you ask me, Puntland should:


-Make peace with Sh Atam and Makhiir.


-Support SSC to capture Las Canood from Somaliland


-Support Farmaajo's TFG to defeat Al Shabaab in Muqdishu.


-Support Barre Hiiraale to capture Jubba's and Kismaayo.


-Capture the South of Galkacyo and Mudug from Galmudug.


-Support ONLF to invade Jigjiga, Dhagaxbuur, Qabridahare.




And then finnally the family would be united, Somalia would be united.

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Xaji well i cant post the PIS after they are intelligentsia THEY ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE SEEN or they wouldn't be very intelligent would they? I posted the marines which is new institution as you are all aware. Third batch are being trained as we speak. I posted the darawish where-ever I could find them in battle or parading. The darawish dont have a special institution except base 54 really which is their command post.


But puntland strengths are definitely the police, pis, and the up and coming marine force. I already admitted the darawish need more attention and dont u see what farole is doing? he is giving them a pay-rise, enforcing no khat policy because he saw how successful that was with the ciidaanka asluubta. So he is addressing the darawish factor to bring up to standard like other sections of the puntland security sector.

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I only started to pay attention to puntland like in 2007-2008 before that I didn't, I was more mogadishu orientated. I wish I had because I am certain I would've got more pics of the darawish when under abdullahi yusuf because he really lifted them up like really high

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