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'Historic' day as first non-latin web addresses go live

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This is mad and I am not sure where it gonna lead us to, imagine web addresses completely written in native chinese or hindi or arabic characters. btw latin became universal language and I wonder why ppl not leave it that way.

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May be the first thing that comes to mind when we hear that non-latin web addresses have entered the arena is why is it important?


for instance people of other languages will not not rely on search engines (like Google and Yahoo and Bing) to access the sites any more, instead they simply write her desired domain name and experience it!. The search results may be misleading sometimes(for obvious reason)and do not display the desired sites, especially if its new or little-known or even websites with poor SEO techniques. Yet the results may vary from search engine to another.


but again i think we are only focusing on web browsing and overlooked many other important services such as e-mail, file-sharing service, and other services( Imagine e-government transactions of these societies in a foreign language!!). In addition, the Internet experts expect a rise of several new services would be better to support non-latin language from the beginning of its launch.


Even among the Latin societies there is a large number of segments of them who can't write English domain names, be it elderly people with non English language, children or even those who have not studied English, and have the right to use the language they use and know.


There are many other benefits for this service, that includes overcoming misspelling problems, encouraging users of the worldwide to use the Internet with out having to leaner English first. And after all its their their own right and self determination to use their own language


Awesome day Indeed!!

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