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Anybody got an MBA?

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I am seriously considering doing an MBA at the London Business School in about 3 years time inshallah. (Need the experience first)


I found out its ranked number 1 in the world for their MBA’s which is unfortunately reflected in the fees.


Seeing as I don’t have a business background, I was wondering if anyone on SOL has achieved an MBA, and can possibly advice me on what to expect.


I’m quite academic in the abstract sense as a result of a degree in Politics and History.


My weakest point is probably advanced statistics and advanced maths in general, but I’m willing to hire a tutor and hope my dedication can make up for my shortcomings in this department.


The main reason for doing this MBA is to develop my business acumen and hopefully one day help me run my own successful business.


Also having an MBA from the world top business school doesn’t hurt smile.gif


Any enlightening comments would be appreciated.

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Archdemos I have not done an MBA, but I too InshAllah have intentions of going back to school and doing one.


The advice I have been getting from work and mentors is to aim for good schools (Wharton, Sloan, Harvard, INSEAD etc). The reason being a lot of their Alumni’s are senior or middle managers in most blue chip firms in the world, also they offer internships at associate level.


As you can imagine getting into top schools is not only costly but very competitive, so build up your profile, take up leadership roles and responsibilities this will help you.


Good luck



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