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I wish I had Internet2 (The fastest known internet Connection) cause my curent ADSL speed is 2048 kbit/s n Upstream 320 kbit/s for 3 Boxes all running on Linux plus windooz and they charge me € 54,95 without 19% TAX! ( )


What about if my friends get connected to my PC and take some stuf from my servers? I am wireless and what if my neighbours start using wireless connections too? My Network is secure but if neighbours also use wireless, it gets slowwer. Maybe I'll get next year 4096 kbit/s 640 kbit/s from my ISP for the same fee.

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3zma1L, very cool.


Man where do you guys get all this! I feel truly deprived. But there’s always hope. :cool:


3zma1L, you just alluded to another question I’ve had in the back of my mind... If Somali use are using open source software. I'll open a new thread on that.

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