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BlackPLaneT NoMaDZ OnLY!!@@@@

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yoh i just wanted to know if any brothers and sisters here had page on blackplanet dot com ..

come and share it with each other i think there alot of somalis at blackplanet or have personal homepages. this the place to show and share with your nomads don't be scurred..................

show your special dot in the net....holla at cha'll


i'm currently working on mine it'll be out

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truehuslter,cushtic and smokey all ya'll got some nice pages son props props much luv


aight since my bp page ain't in my profile here it goes


post it some more ppl participating damnit************************


please sign a guestbook or sumthin don't be no rude intruder keep it locked i'll prolly post some of my freinds here too. drop a note and i know my somali people got more pages than just us/

Where ya'll at?

-----------PEACE AND ONE LUV-------------

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YOH nice pages all of you...




nice pages but where all the other peeps at...just like female gangisterrad they scurred.

peeps gon see yo page in bp whether u like it or not or else why is it on the net.. is in'it clear thats the only reason u put it on the net. to claim yo piece of da'net.


with that said c'mon ya'll... b real smile.gif

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