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The Secessionist Campaign in London: An Eye-Witness Somali Report - A I Samatar

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Since no one here comes close to challenging the good professor on the points raised in his piece with regards to what really went on (in his views of course), would not that validate his argument?


Kownayn – there are no enemies mate, just adversaries and men of different opinions at work. See if you could waddle in the mar in own style, so to speak.


Angel dear –I like the new name - an observation here - would not it be more pragmatic to share your opinion, expressed or implied, rather than assuming the role of representing the whole region, the administration, and the people?


And one more thing, he, the good professor, however off the mark in more times than not, is indeed an authority in these matters.

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Fine, lets call the "professor" a famous adversary of Somaliland--My question still stands.


There is no point in challenging the "professor" he is entrenched on the wrongside of the valley.


Somaliland is no longer underyoke, its free to determine its future. Its time Somalilanders worried less about the actions and the opinion of others and engaged in soul searching and self-criticism, contemplation and reflection because their destiny besides ALLAH is in their hands.



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Some of these officials think they can walk on water and take us for little children. Somalilanders deserve an explanation at the least, and sooner or later the message will get through lets hope it wont be too late for politicians.



There is nothing worth challenging in Geography Samatar's gossip column. Its just another embarrassing piece by yet another Somali man who wishes to be called an intellectual. Those who sponsored this ambush trip could have had their money's worth by paying one of the tabloid reporter to do this job.



What would you call this:


I introduced myself...

I rose...

I stated that I was...

I added that ...

I did not define...

I only had a brief statement....

I told the Chair ....

I had prepared a briefing...

I had sent to their offices ...

I urged the Chairman ....

I asked the Chairman.....

I encouraged him ....

I then thanked.....


Geography Samatar hopes all these "I did this" and "I did that" in just one paragraph will justify the expense of his worthless trip to London. We've all heard of eye-witness accounts but this must be the first " 'I' witness report".


The true sons and daughters of Gabiley have built a new school and named it after Timacaddeh while Geo Samatar sips cups of tea in Nairobi with the Generals destroyed and mined their town.

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Fair enough Ayoub. By the way, the “I” style of writing might appear narcissistic, self-absorbance on the part of the good professor, but you might be interested to learn that in the 21st century business world, the “I” factor” is a prose of penship quite admired in the western hemisphere. I will agree that his is not at par with expected academic penship, but must disagree that it is a tabloidish standard. Mediocre, written in a moment of rushed gelatinous or borrowed excitement, perhaps. Let us not forget his is as subjective of the events of the day in question, as yours and I are of him.


BUT, it is the message buried in his piece that one goes for more than the style old boy, and that I must admit is masterly to be fair to the good professor.


Sophist – it is always good to observe both ends of the coin, do not you agree? Cheers mate!

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