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What on Earth was Jen. Cade Muse thinking?

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Originally posted by Pi:

There is
(aka windtalker) and
, same person. Then there is
Mr. Oodweyne
, same person. Isnt it against the rules of the site to have multiple accounts? Lemme guess, they're not really the same person. They only happen to argue for the exact same caues, use the exact same arguments, use the exact same words. Nah, its just good ole coincidence, innit? :rolleyes:

Stop accusing others. This accusation itself is AGAINST the rules. Admin. knows what is going on. If you you think you have a case or suspicions, PM the Admin.

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Stop accusing others? Save me the nonsense, dude. I just pointed out a curious similiarty between the writings of certain accounts. As you can see, one of them was confirmed. Codewalker and Yenceri are the same person; he just admitted to losing his password. So much for an accusation, eh?


P.S. You should be the last person telling me not to accuse people. How hypocritical of you. Do you remember how you accused a certain member of grave wrongdoings in the public gallery, but you never supported your silly outburts. Again, put a sock in it, dude!

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Stop your qujac qajacdaada, baliis. Codetalker informed us what happened to his other nick looooooong before your accusation who he himself is.


Again, stop your the accusation, it is just against the rules.


I am enforcing the rules. Should you have a problem about anything, including me, you've every right to send a word to Admin.

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