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Taxation without representation

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In American high school history classes, they teach you how the American Revolution (against British colonial rule) was sparked after the British leaders taxed the local people (i.e. Americans) exceedingly and without any representation in government. In Shabeelaha Hoose region, the self-titled regional governor (Indhacade) and all his subordinates (i.e. the district leaders) are all from Galgaduud region, central Somalia. Nowadays, more and more reports are coming out highlighting the excessive taxing sytem (without representation) the Shabellaha Hoose governorship has implemented in the region. Now, anyone aware of Somali clans and the theory of traditional land ownership will tell you that boys born and raised in Galgaduud (or any other region) have no right conquering and taxing the natives of Shabellaha Hoose region. At the end, however, justice always prevails.


Maamulka Indhacadde oo canshuuro xad dhaaf ah ku soo rogay Degmooyinka iyo tuulooyinka Sh/Hoose


Warar laga helayo Sh/Hoose waxa ay sheegayaan in Degmooyinka iyo Tuulooyinka Gobolka Sh/Hoose lagusoo rogay Canshuuro Xad dhaafa.


Sh. Yuusuf Indhacadde oo isagu sheegta Gumoomiyaha Maamulka Sh/Hoose ayaa sheegay in ay laga marmaan tahay in canshuuro lagu soo rogo Degmooyinka iyo Tuulooyinka Sh/Hoose si lagu adkeeyo lacagaha kasoo baxa Amaanka Gobolka Sh/Hoose ayuu yiri Sh. Indhacadde oo ah ninka xooga ku heysta Gobolkaas.


Waxaa soo baxaya cabashooyin ka soo yeeraya Dadka degaanka qaarkood oo ka cabanaya inaanay awoodin bixinta canshuuraadkaasi oo ay ku badan tahay,iyagoo lagu amray in ay Xoog ku bixiyaan lacagahaas hadii aysan ku bixin loo taxaabi doono Xabsi.


C/casiis Xasan Max’ed (GOLF), Midnimo

Midnimo Information Center

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