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OMG Al-shabaab are now fighting ONLF freedom fighters

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This is the last straw, why are they fighting ONLF mujahids. This shows that al-shabaab are the biggest traitors and have an arab agenda rather than a somali agenda.


Absolutely disgusting


We must all understand that al-shabaab are the enemies of somalia. They do not want to see somalia in peace with a strong Government.

They want to turn our country into an AQ playground.


http://www.hiiraan.c om/news2/2009/Jun/so malia_islamist_accus e_kenya_of_aggressio n.aspx

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Sophist, salaan sare, adeerkiis smile.gif


Manuusid af meer meerin idhi haa, qof raba in uu hadlo laakiin caro darteed waxa uu ku hadli lahaa usoo rogi la.

Si kale hadaad u dhigto, manuusid macnaheedu waa isla hadal qofku si hoos hoos ah isula hadlo.



Wacdaraha , haddii aadan willow is moodsiis iyo mukur aan gabasho lahayn miciin ka dhigan lahayn

odayaasha iyo akhyaarta ayaad ka mid noqon lahayd, saas ma u ogtahay se?

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