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Everyone what is your biggest FEAR in a relationship??

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what is this, Look... think what you want, im tired of arguing over it, i can see it wont change any of you, i've simply shared with you something that i thought could help people. but some of you only wish to turn it around and twist it to controdict with what the point was. the bottom line is that one of you seem to have waisted my time because you want to be right so bad that you have to make me wrong. but it wasn't a waist, i did what i was supposed to. i hope someone took interest in what i've said. i can see that most of you though just refuse to give it a chance, im closed minded? you're closed minded, you sat there and refused to see it how i do, you didn't look close enough. you just wanted the last words. its fine though, dont beleive me if you really dont want to, but after this world is gone, you're gonna remember what i said and regret not listening to it... i promise you. so long.


see you, am around dude

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