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wat turns maliwomen on

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we have conducted statistical study of a sample of maliwomen from different back ground by asking questions,..about thier sexual drive,

here are some questions that we ask them to help us to determine we turns mali women on the most


1: his physical style


2; his emotional style


3; his social style


4; his intellectual style


5; his professional style




99% of the maliwomen that we surveyed.. marked off...."NONE OF THE ABOVE'........and when asked wat is other things that turns them on the most .....most of them said....'DAHAB SAUDIGA LAGA KEENAY'..LOL

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None of the above + dahab SA laga keenay.... I believe a real man will never ask his woman what turns her on, rather he will take the initiative to explore her physically and emotionally...And actually for most woman including myself... Are turned off when a man does this kind of inquiry... :D

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Once again we see the inadequacies of Somalis being unable to understand each other even the mundane things like what turns you ladies on. I wouldnt know a mali woman would want unless she hints on it and that part parcel of good communication. I can tell you what Mali men love ... cuddly, curvy UNSI infested and sweet smelling firm bodies next to them.


I also think that todays women are more open minded than our fore parents and are able to be themselves than just be submissive and not play her role.


I would slightly disagree with Hibo when she says that a man can just feel his way through awomans emotions. I believe saying what you need from your man is as important too cause most men arent as intelligent as some can be.


Besides even the smart ones wouldnt know if you are unhappy unless you act it. If you dont act this roles and dont talk, how would someone know what turns you on? Unless ofcouse he can read like abook and brail you with me fingers as I would kikikikik....


ithout communicating there would be no chance of a man or woman guessing what makes you jump unless ofcouse you get jumpy at some stage and that would be a signal of some sort. :D;)


Explore the realms of turns on by talking to each other and perhaps gradual improvements on what your partners want.

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