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Siilaanyo faces stiff competition in his own party Kulmiye!

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I think the elections are on the way ,,,, like this time it is normal to see a lot of competitions, a lot of defections and a lot of debates on politics ,,,, sometimes waxaad is odhanaysaa malaa dadkii aakhirona way soo toosi ,,,,,


Things are really HOT in Kulmiye and there are a lot of competitions among the politicians in Kulmiye party ,,,,,,,,,, untill their general assembly is finished then expect a lot ,,,


In the coming year ,, ,we will see defections and you will hear a lot of a certain group defected to UDUB and another joined KULMIYE and UCID loosing members and getting others ,,,,,,,


I met A/Qadir Jirde once ,,,, they guy is really great but he aint going to stand any elections and he would like to be independent and give his own instructions and correct everybody ,,,,,


I don't think Omar Arte will make a good candidate these days ,,, don't know why ppl don't like him but he is completely out of sight since his party was beated in the first mulicipality elections ,,,,,,,, he is not active politically and ppl don't like this ,,,,

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