Türkiye aims to drill for oil off Somali coast in 2025

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"There is a place on the Somali seaside we consider may have oil reserves. We will start seismic work, we want to do deep sea drilling in 2025," Energy and Natural Resources Minister Alparslan Bayraktar said in an interview on private broadcaster NTV.

"Oil and natural gas exploration offshore from Somalia, and it looks more like oil for now, will start very soon in the areas we have identified. We will maybe send our seismic (exploration) vessel there in the first phase," he said separately in a panel, without elaborating.

The minister on Friday evaluated Türkiye's energy agenda including oil production in the Gabar field in Türkiye's southeastern Şırnak province, which the officials announced has exceeded 40,000 barrels in daily production recently.

"Turkish Petroleum was producing 33,000 barrels of oil at the beginning of 2016. Today, only Gabar has exceeded 40,000 barrels of daily production. Our goal is to elevate Gabar's daily production to 100,000 barrels by the end of the year. Intensive work continues in this regard," Bayraktar said.

Iraq-Türkiye pipeline

"We have an ongoing case with Iraq. Türkiye is not responsible for the difficulties experienced here. There is a problem here due to the disagreement between the administration in northern Iraq and the central government," the minister said, referring to KRG, a semi-autonomous entity controlling Iraq's north.


Türkiye hopes to conduct a deep-sea oil drilling operation off the Somali coast in 2025, the country's energy minister...




Next year #Türkiye , it begins a deep-sea oil drilling operation off the coast of Somalia. One of the first fruits of the framework agreement signed with #Somali 🇹🇷 🇸🇴


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2 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud will visit a Turkish government-owned ship docking along the Somali coast. 


I guess this should be included in the frequent flyer thread, too. Location: Badweynta Hindiya.

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10 hours ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

marka shidaaalka ya qaadanaya ma soomali mise turki

That is a valid question. Here are a few more questions:

  •  Do we know how the gains will be shared, if and when oil had been discovered?
  •  Has anyone incl. Cabinet or Parliament seen the details of the agreement?
  • Was there an agreement with the relevant FMSs?
  •  What will happen when another leader assumes the Presidency?
  •  Which companies are carrying out the exploration? What is their track record?
  •  How about environmental protection?


The case of Guyana offshore oil discovery

There are already early warning signs.  Oil companies paid Guyana’s government ministers a signing bonus of US$18 million which was placed illegally in a secret account.  The oil deal itself is scandalously low – the oil companies will pay no tax and the royalty is set at a derisory 2%.  Guyana will get a share of the profits but it will have no control over how those profits are calculated.  ExxonMobil’s local subsidiary recently presented Guyana with a bill for over US$460 million for costs going back as far as 1999. The international business press reports that Guyana's oil fields could be among the most profitable of the decade – it is easy to see why.


''A Fair Deal for Guyana - Fair Deal for the Planet' is a campaign by concerned citizens from Guyana and...


The case of Nigeria and Shell


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