Somalia severs diplomatic ties with Ethiopia

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The initial thinking and assumption was that the Federal government, thus the centre l, would lead and set the tone on state building,social contract enforcement and management of public goods and that the regions would follow suit. But it has come clear that this is not the case, and the centre is actually emulating the periphery, thus meaning that any change for meaningful impact would need to come from both the periphery and centre simultaneously.


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2 hours ago, galbeedi said:

Also, the Puntland minister of information is speaking exactly like our own Xaaji Xanjuf.

When I read I thought he was taking a page from Xaaji. He just said almost like " The bunker should pacify Mogadishu before talking to Puntland. The rebels had soft spot for each other as always.

Ina Caydiid is a volatile hawk, and more often than not is as bad as the secessionists in his rhetoric. I am also astounded by some of the language some in PL are using in even speaking as if chums with Habasha of all people. Allah may save us.

1 hour ago, Arafaat said:

If Mogadishu is serieus they can stop Ethiopian Airlines easily as the airline is liable according to international air transport laws which Ethiopia is party to. 

They can, but should they? And if they do, what are the implications?  Remember, Farmaajo tried that with JL, and did not bear the desired results.

58 minutes ago, Duufaan said:

Moqdisho is not serious about anything. Hassan did not want to confront Abiya anytime in past or present. He was involved the sea deal and knew but did anything about it. He dreams on his own region in central Somalia with moqdisho as the capital but he doesn’t have ability to cleared and managed. He went to Duusamareeb 40 times and did not a complish anything. Same time he does not recognized Khatumo State for sake of Unity of Country. He will finally forced to held the presidency election in Agisyoone. But he will loot and mismanage everything just before his time run out. The federal government did not make any progress since beginning of its creation for now 20 years. It is time to seek different solutions. Because it became a hostage for a group of local politicians who used it to get rich.

I hear from some in his close circles, he is bent as hell on a Confederation model giving the now defunct Premier to SL to secure another term, the only way he is convinced he could instill and advance Sanbaloolshe doctrine, which is rather popular with his financiers & advisers.

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Fears of violence grow as Somalia scraps power-sharing system

The amendments give the president the authority to appoint and dismiss prime ministers, transferring that power from lawmakers, and grant him increased control over appointments to the electoral commission, taking away input from federal states. The current power-sharing model of government, a system that ensures the country’s four main clans get equal representation in parliament, will be also scrapped in place of universal suffrage.

The former presidents Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo and Sharif Ahmed warned the changes would upset Somalia’s delicate power balance, while the former prime ministers Omar Sharmarke and Hassan Ali Khaire denounced the changes in an open letter also signed by the veteran MP Abdirahman Abdishakur.

Afyare A Elmi, a research professor at the City University of Mogadishu, said Puntland’s withdrawal from the federal system could further imperil the viability of a unified Somali state.

“If a large chunk of the country is missing in this process we are simply building a constitution for south-central Somalia.”

Afyare Elmi said the 2012 constitution was based upon a political settlement with broad input from Somalis. “It had four key elements: federalism, clan power-sharing, regular elections and a spirit of inclusiveness to build consensus. What the government is doing now is moving away from this settlement,” he said.


The other federal states, Jubbaland, South West state, Hirshabelle and Galmudug have yet to comment on the amendments. Somaliland, which declared independence from Somalia in 1991, said: “Somalia’s recent constitutional development is an internal matter.”




State of Puntland refuses to recognise changes to the country’s constitution, which hand greater control to...


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