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Israel Humbled as America sends more weapons

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49 minutes ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

When they said they were fighting with jiniyo:

No wonder it quickly became a quagmire and are very scared to go in, just inching and bombarding in war criminal territory.

It will be slow and painful. Unfortunately, the civilians will pay the price.

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  • In the 1st 6 days alone, !srael dropped more than 6,000 bombs in densely populated urban neighbourhoods in Gaza,
  • Deaths: According to the UN, over 8,300 civilians killed, 70% of which are women and children,
  • Of which, 3,457 are children,
  • 6 time more children killed in 3 weeks in Gaza than the number of children killed during the entire Ukraine war.
  • According to Unicef, at this rate, more than 420 children killed in Gaza every day.



A Palestinian child in Gaza is killed in an Israeli attack every 10 minutes.


Know their names
The thousands of Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza.
A Palestinian child is killed every 10 minutes.
370 civilians killed every day.





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