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How do Kahin, Nuh Tani and Abdiqani still have jobs?

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20 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

It was discussed here, when initial defeat by SL forces,  from Tukaraq to Goojacade, with credible reports, that 70% of the army, were phantom, caglayaal, or ghosts.

Many of POW are very fresh, new recruits, 

That really explains why Nuuh Taani is untouchable, it is extreme form of corruption, and all the salary of ghost army were subdivided by Biihi, Taani, Kaahin,

It was also a reason why UK cancelled payments, lack of transparent

Dhalinta masaakiinta la jahwareershey,  Qaran been ah loo dhisay, it is very hard to grasp the truth, it will take time.


In that sense one can state that this war, how ever unfortunate of the many casualties, has turned out to be a remedy for Somaliland that laid bare the truth, uncovered the lies and extreme ideologies spread, and hopefully might lead to modesty, and more rational political thinking. 

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