HSM is not as bad as we think or perfect as his supporters claim, and could even fix the Sool war.

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Soomalidu waxay tidhaa:

Nin Hilaabsho Xumi in uu wax qarsanayo ayaa la moodaa.


The non stop travels of president Hassan Sheikh and the incompetence of his ministers had damaged his standing among the public. The resignations of the Somali ambassador in Riyad also left a bad taste among the people. In other ways, the way he carries himself doesn't bode well with the Somali public in general.

Yet, if there is anyone in the south central Somalia who could  fix the Mogadishu and southern mess, it is probably HSM.

A very well connected friend of mine told me that HSM had used every bad actor, foreign neighbor, business oligarchs, clan chauvinists and even hard land secessionists to gain the presidency and needs to do a lot of balancing act and fine line to thread.

For starters, there haven't been any serious bombing in the capital for the last three months. Whether this is the work of Mahad Salaad, under the table agreements with Al-shbaab leadership or certain political and business actors who used to have probably the largest percentage of the violence in the capital might have achieved their goals and decided to stand down.

For whatever reason, the peace of mind and the disappearance of bombing in the capital isn't something anyone can deny.

Folks, HSM  might even fix to Sool war. By saving the blood letting in that region, he could have a great place in history of the country. In fact, the tone of the SSC community in MOgadishi is totally different from those in the diaspora and the SSC region itself. A freind forwarded to me a message sent by highly placed general from the SSC community in Mogadishu. Despite our belief that HSM has been pressured by outside forces mainly Omar Geele and others to ease the pressure from  Somaliland , this gentleman says that HSM more than welcoming the SSC elders and politicians. He provided them three bullet proof cars for the delegation and even helped them meet the UN, USA, the EU and others.

Furthermore, he told the delegation that MuuSe Biixi and company are in a very weak position and now is the time to bring them home for unity . He said Muuse is claiming that , " We want to negotiate with the south as northerners" and you should help me to bring in while he is weak. In their earlier meeting, HSM told them to deliberate seriously and will meet after his travel from Turkey.

HSM assured the Garaads that Biixi is willing to relocate the forces, but he wants to safe face without being chased which might hasten the collapse of the Hargeisa government. The Garaads insisted that the so called " Ilaahay Ha laga Cabsado" coming from MUuse was something similar what the late Kacaan leader said just before the collapse of the country and he shouldn't be believed. 

If HSM can guarantee for the garaads the  peaceful relocation and the beginning of Somali union negotiations with Hargeisa regime that could be something they should consider. Since the main goal of the SSC is self rule and Somali unity, they could achieve all that through peaceful dialogue. The Hargeisa regime is in a very weak position. Biixi has been isolated diplomatically, the economy is in tatters  and the last donor money has dried up in the last quarter of 2022. The real pinch will be felt this summer. Besides, other than HSM, there is no one trying to fix the mess. Don't waste your time expecting others to clean the Somali mess.

Waar ninku god ayuu iigu jira ee iga caawiya si aan u soo qabto. 

Also, the people of the south had shown their real colors. Despite the bribes paid to buy the likes of Dahir Calasow, the people had identified with the SSC struggle.  Some from Hiiraan had even brought tens of thousands of dollars of aid to the cause. Not only the leaders, but also the Somaliland public had misread the good will of Somalis for years. Bakaaraha had burned many times, so are other places, yet Somalis across the diaspora had shown their goodwill to those who lost business in Waheen market in historic way. Yet what they get is Adna saying in London open mike that " They are not the Somali Terrorists " People had said enough of this hatred.

HSM might be close to Omar Geele, but he got a country to run,  constituents to take care off and  SSC is one of them who are in need.

HSM needs the support of everyone to make this deal work.

I say good luck to him.

On another note, I heard the former spy chief Fahad Yaasin keep throwing unnecessary advice in the airwaves.

This failed spy need to hibernate and disappear for a while and let others do their thing. He claims that he doesn't anything about Hamza Barre, and that statement alone shows his weakness and incompetence. Hamza was a player in Jubba, yet Fahad didn't even know him. Certainly Fahad is a God fearing man, but he is not expert in terms of intelligence gathering or taking action when it is necessary. He failed to vet and investigate the background of former premier Mohamed H. Rooble who was a card carrying member of Damujadiid. A low level investigator could have easily discovered that. I heard he and another cousin of his called Muudey were the ones who chose Rooble and decided to get rid of Khayre. Many of of us in these pages supported him because of the way the opposition gangs treated him, but I must say he is one of the major reasons Farmaajo has lost.

I would like to advice Fahad Yaasin to disapear like most spy chiefs and wait his turn if he is lucky and stop compaining.















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Quejiile tone changes with the dollars ,  he probably gave them some coins . We  will organize our buurmadaw  to get the Same coins ,    we too are Somali and qurjiiles killed many peaple from us, if they are victims so do we.   we have the rights to get any assistance our enemies get from the Somali capital. This war has nothing to do with somaliland government. 

It's a  war between hrti and isq.   Muse can't remove our troops from any where , we will remove himself from power for being threat to somaliland.  Same Goes to Hassan sheekh he has no power  against us. We are waiting him at the tent and he knows  our numbers.  He can't fk with us.   He will do some lip service for the qurjiiles and that's all he can do for them.  

Muuse will never dare to remove the army. It's like signing your own death warranty , they will match to Hargeisa and kick him out.  Kidnappers don't release their hostage until they receive Their ransom or bullets to Their heads.   Hrtigu waa dad xabsi noogu xaraysan imika soomaliduna way taqaan waxaanu doonayno.   Hadaad doonaysan inaanu waxan sii dayno somaliland halaga qaado afti Dadwayne.   Aan ahayn iska daa dhul aanu uga baxne  mid kale oo ay hada nabad Ku joogana waa ka qaadayna.   Laba Reer oo soomaliyeed baanu nahee wax hayska celiyan. 


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Xasan sheekh iyo Reer kiisuba khawaarij bay dagaal Kula jiraan ,  dawlada Somalia Tamar iyo awood toona uma hayso lascaanod.  ciidan xasan sool usoo dirayaana ma jirto , xogaa buskud dhiiqa waxaas hayaadaha qaxoontigu bixiyan baa laga yaabo inuu xoogaa   kasiiyo.   Dagaalkan puntland shaadh qabiil bay soo xidhatay , anaguna mid lamidaanu usoo xidhanay.   Weliba  waxaanu taaganahay Anagu laascaanood ba ma haysano laakiin goojacade waa xero geel aanu lahaan jirnay.   Aduunka weligiin miyaad aragteen labo qabiil oo UN kala saartay.  😄

Mida kale qurjiilaha  hadaanu Ka debcino  saw galbeeedina futada nagu soo kala qaban maayo iyo habrihii kalee isq.   Reer walba wuxu is odhanaya if the qurjiiles can do that I can do the same.    Hadaanu idiin sheegayna guys dagaalkan waxaanu ugu talo galnay cabsi gelinta somaliland inteeda kale , nin walba ha daawado waxaanu qurjiilaha iyo walaalahod dbayacaba  Ku samaynayno.   Sidaas iyo si Ka daran baanu u gelayna  cidii  far taagta. 

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Galbeedi I have to give you credit for creative writing. Somalia is not going to get better under any president. Somalia will experience another 1991 and maybe even worse. 

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