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Prez. HSM attempting to extend his term

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Culusaw  has done a lot  for the  peaple  Even when he was not president.     One of his biggest achievements is that Somalia is now member of the east African community  this is a huge opportunity for all Somalis . The East African community is huge economy powerhouse.  He also  winning against the terrorists  in central Somalia.  And now he is doing the 1m 1 v. I think  He ticked all the boxes.     Hadal yar hawl badan 

I don't think he is leaving any time before 2030.   he is even getting More popular    among his his tol . Only oday xaad community are little bit unhappy for not getting the mayorship.      Culusaw eliminated too many evil forces all at once.   Wax qabad kiisa waxa kamida inuu CBB   iyo the 400K community  labadaba  uu  ummada Ka qabtay.      

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