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AlShabab releases for the first time suicide bomber's face of 18th Sep 2006 in Baidoa

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I vividly remember that day it was the 18th of September 2006 in Baidoa, interim capital of the TFG.


The first suicide bomber on the Somali soil. The news was quick as immediately after the bombing maybe minutes it was realised that the interim government President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed came away with light injuries although his car was a blazed and burning from the in as well the outside.


There were few casualties such as the relatives and some close friends of the President.


That day many here on SOL were gleefully celebrating at the attack on the convoy of the President by an Al-Shabab suicide operative as what they saw an attack on Abdullahi Yusuf's life and demise of his government.

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The Al-Shabab group held a ceremony to remember the suicide operatives who died in their missions and invited for that occasion the suicide bomber's family i.e. wife's and children.


C/salaan Xersi Maxamuud Lugey the first suicide bomber of Somalia who was 27 years of age when he blew himself up on the convoy of interim governments President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed on 18th September 2006.




His son who Alshabab wants to follow his dad's footpath in blowing himself up as a suicide bomber:




Children and wife's of the suicide bombers invited for a fun day and celebrations:






I wonder when this two will blow themselves up?




Defiant children or deviant? Your call!



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