Rooblaawe wali soo taagan

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Rooble was the most corrupted PM ever so mara Somalia.

If he was not there, the election would have happened months ago. He was the reason, for the delay.


Farmaajo was a weak leader, he could not have caused a civil war.

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Honesty is what what we need. Farmaajo, was elected, 30 years ago the communist dictator destroyed the nation, socially, psycologocaly, in any way you can describe it. The election of farmaajo was an affrimation that that the civil war  clan-hatred was dead. Indeed a cousin to thar communist dictator that did not have the moral responsibility to hand over the power to the manifesto or flee the countrey the as mengistu did was elected. Farmajos election was a victory. But he failed. He succeeded in the foregin policy but failed utterly to realise that that the Somalia he inherited was a fragmented Somalia. Instead of trying to break the seige of mogadishu that Shabaab are doing all he did was try to get his men in power in isolted fufu-lands.  His lack of understanding that Somalia was a failed state and that his role according to the guidelines of the federal principals was try to teach the somali populations to demand basic water and education from those clan based "maaamulo gobooledyo". He even tried to do a coup. I am glad his gone. Lets face it,  farmaajo got the election in right time while he was dragging on.


The tension he created was not needed. He was simply not a man who had good advisers. He was naive, sitting with Abey Ahmed and Cafwerki in conferances made himself think that he really controlled Somalia. Nobody in this forum wants to aknowlidge this. But I would all want you to listen Jamal Osmans description of Somalia under al-Shabaabs rule. The despotic demonic cult rules Somalias with a iron hand. Ceelasha biyaha and jowhar, towns outside Mogadishu is under the direct controll of Al-shabaab and the al.shabaab is biding their time.


In the mean while, the Somali people do not have access to basic things, like clean water, free education. No one is raising these issues. In Summary, I am glad Farmaajo was elected, I am glad he stood by Turkey and Qatar, but I am happy is gone. We do not need naive leaders. We need people who realise who things are on the ground.

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