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Recallying Childhood Eid Memories---- What do you remember about it

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Hello Sisters and brothers of Sol,


There is nothing similar to getting to celebrate ciid in your home land--- right? so what do you guys remember about it.

Let me start by saying:


I remmeber eating lots of xalwo and buskut

I remmember drinking FANTA... oh it was so good unlike the so called pops here in qurbo land

I remember eating bajiye with basbaas... bataato too.. that was good

I remember getting ciid mubaarak money from all the relatives---- all aunts, auncles, grandma, grandpa


I remember hiding my flowery canbuur from the neighboring Xaliimos and if she sees it one hour before ciid I remember giving hooyo hard time and saying I want a new one,,,lol

one that Haliimo didn't

I wonder what that was all about..?

I remember "firinbi" biiq---biiq

oh those were the old good days

what a childhood..

here kids can't even feel like it

it'z sad though....

so it'z your turn

what do you recall...?

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Yes sister, I couldn't agree with you more on this...

Eid was a lot more better when we're @ home

and the childhood eid memories were the best


Here I go with my list of I recall======


I recall happy children with new clothes

I remember everyone saying ciid mubaarak to eveyrone else

I recall buufin

I recall hanging out with my friends in groups

and getting money for ciid mubaarak

then spilliting it and paying stuff...

food, toys, anything that would make us happy

Oh! I hope we get to go back to our dear motherland


May the Almighty Allah create peace in Somalia



Thanx abaayo Hawd

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I am so envious of you all who have good eid memories. Unfortunately all of my memories of eid have been in the west and my parents didn't make a big deal out of it, we just went to prayer and had dinner together. I just remember that it was the day i could eat whatever i wanted as much as I wanted. It was also kind of depressing. I would listen to all my aunts and uncles recall their Eids back home. I just remember feeling sad for them and for myself that i would never get memories like that. I did get a chance to have eid in somalia, but during the war. I just remember the kids coming to the door and we'd give them candy...and money for the poor children. It was nice enough, but nothing like they had described. But what they described is gone even for the Somalis who still live in the country. Poverty has the effect of overshadowing.

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Hey NomadicQueen,


Insha Allah you'll experience Eid in our motherland someday.... though it may not be a chilhood memory for ya... but it'll be a memory

one in a special place that you belong too.

and that day will soon come in the power of the Almighty Allah insha Allah.

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I remember waking up 3 hours early and being too exicted to go back to me.

I remember recieving Money from all the uncles and anuties that I run into.

I remember going to the local store and buying bag loads of sweet and stuffying meself with it.

I remember wearing 4 different outfits in one day.

I remember recieving gifts from all my family members and especially the one that had to post their gifts to me.

I remember hugging & kissing everyone in the Mosque after the eid prayer.

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:rolleyes: wow that's alot of mem's all i remember is praying and making all kinds of plans w/ my girl friends. plans that we never carried out. but honestly i think the best thing as a kid and as a adult is to see all the different people that come to eid, especially if u live in the west, it makes u happy to know that so many others believe in the same thing.

-on top of that most people look really good redface.gif

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