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Just Another Causality

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Warning: Some parts of this poem are graphic.


Just Another Causality


You and your family are back in your homeland

Whether it be India, Somalia, or Iran

Korea, Vietn am, Guyana, or Pakistan

On the mother land of Africa on the a country called Ghana

Or on the Caribbean Islands on a beautiful place called Jamaica

You are playing outside your house with your elder sister and 4-year-old brother

Your father is there too and even your loving mother

Your country is involved in a war

So you haven’t ate for days and your stomach feels sore

Suddenly you look up in the sky and see a plane flying overhead

You’re overwhelmed with joy thinking they’re going to drop you a loaf of bread

When you look up you see that this “bread†is the size of a cannonball

You then realize it’s a massive bomb that’s about to kill you all

It’s too late now and you don’t know what to do

You try to get away but it lands only several feet away from you

Are you dead? No, your life is not yet through

But the heat from the bomb made you skin look like it was barbequed

Your father lays motionless on the floor like a fallen statue

You feel a great deal of pain coming from your gut

And feel like your in a flood cause you're drowning in your own blood

You look around but you can’t hear the screams of mum

Cause the sound of the explosion has busted both your eardrums

You want to go to her and show her that you care

But you look down to see that your legs are no longer there

Everything gets blurry and you start to blackout

You finally exhale your last breath from your dry mouth

The last thing you do before you die is drop a tear

But there is no on there to report it, does anybody care?

They just wanted one man, why did they have to kill me

My precious life is over and I didn’t even reach the age of 23

But on American TV you’re not seen as a victim, but as just another causality

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damn...nice..piece...I put my self there for a minute



War casuallties Make it hard in the west to realize that these actualities really happen in realities...

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