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Judgement Day--don't be scared, take a read

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Judgement Day for a bad Muslim


I wake up to a trumpet as I rise from beneath the Earth

I'm reborn again and not circumcised just like at I was at birth

Why did I have to die so soon?

My entire life felt like sunrise till noon

60 years of my life felt like a blink of an eye

It's too late now, it's over! I just wanna cry

Everyone's running in all directions confused and not knowing what to


There is no one to help me, not even my old high school crew

On any other day, the sun would be far in Space

But today, it's only a mile away from my face

My mother runs up to me wide eyed in fear

Yelling to me, "Son, show me that you care

I held you in my womb and gave you life

When you were sick, I stayed up late at night

And when you were in trouble, I'm the one that gave you advice


I'm down my knees

Don't be overwhelmed with greed

Give me some of your good deeds"

I say to her, " I know this may sound unfair

But what you have done in the past right now I do not care

All these deeds I earned are mine

So please get away from me you're wasting your own time"

After many years the judgement finally begins

Where Allah calculates every good deed and every little sin

Allah finally calls my name

I approach him with my head down in shame

The angels come and rundown the sins I have done

"He didn't do a single good deed, he just had fun"

He was so lazy that he didn't pray Salat

So greedy that he didn't bother to pay Zakat"

How did they know? "Ya Allah", I say

"They're telling you lies about how I spent my days.

That's not how I used my wealth and use my health

Please Allah I want to speak for myself"

"You have that" Allah says then seals my lips

My body starts to talk from head to my hips

And my hips to my feet

My hands and my privates they all start to speak

They start saying everything that I did in my life

How I swung the punch at a Muslim and started that fight

And how I slept with that woman that wasn't even my wife

Allah is the Almighty Judge and my jury

And after studying my life he has pronounced me guilty

I would rather be sent to life in a prison cell

But Allah sentenced me to eternality in hell.

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Originally posted by Anonymous_One:

But Allah sentenced me to eternality in hell.

Bro, that was SCARY...probably the scariest poem i've ever read in Somaliaonline however it's a good reminder though and i understand what your intentions are ...that is why i liked it but still i've got to say Subhannah-Allah, Allahuma Najina Mina Naar and i hope you'd say Aamiin.



Peace, Love & Unity.

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That poem was very thought provoking; it was a good reminder that this world is merely a test. The way you managed to place the words in a sequence which flowed so gracefully was excellent ;) . I could almost picture the whole scene in my head. Great job… Keep up the good work…


SeE yA AroUnD!

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