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Blood stained Somali Airlines

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On 3/31/2022 at 4:47 AM, galbeedi said:


It is no ones intention here to minimize the death of civilians in that horible Hargeisa war instigated by SNM. As I said many times, " Shacabka Soomaaliyeed waa Xalaal" whereever they are. 

It is true a war to dislodge the city from the rebels who stormed Hargeisa had caused extensive damage. Yet no one ever mentions the the war that went on from 1991-193 in Hargeisa itself which did also extensive damages, especially down town Hargeisa . Burco was almost intact in 1991. People abandoned the city in thousands to avoid the " Maryo Alool" war. A new town was created in 1994 and many veterans of the rebels died in that war.

Also, everyone including Ahmed Siilaanyo said it " was a bad idea" to storm the city. After MInigestu and Siyaad Barre made the IGAD accord in Djibouti in 1987, the rebels knew they were going to be homeless. They dispatched their weapons through local trucks caryying milk and goods to Hargeisa while the play boy general Morgan was partying. When Morgan was told about the weapons being smuggled and rebels entering the city he said' "Daaya ha soo galaane". He thought they were abandoning the Ethiopian bases.

THen suddenly in May 28, 1988 the war started within the city. What would the army and the government do? abandon the second capital of the republic for bunch rebels by Mengistu, the arch enemy of Somalia ? NO, they have to do what ever it took to dislodge the rebels from the city.

Allah knows how many died, but a war that took mostly in certain parts of the city that took place less than three weeks couldn't kill thousands, but hundreds. After three weeks, the rebels left, tens of thousands became refugees in Ethiopia and the war changed to guerrila  hit and run until 1991.

Personally, i put more weight in terms of victims for people who were arrested, shot or abused because of belonging to the Habro clan, SSDF community or others without trial. This were the real victims. I am not diminishing the victims of Hargeisa war, but that war can not only be blamed for the military government. For GOD sake Mohamed I EGAL waged a war in the east to save his new government formed in Borama in 1993 and killed thaousands to safe his new " Maanul". If Egal who controled few towns in west of Sheikh town waged war to keep his government, imagine the Somali National governmt in nineteen eighties?

Look at Ukraine today, after the bombardment of 5 weeks weeks by the second largest army in the world, the death tall of the civilians didn't even reach 2000 people yet. Or look at Syria, were cluster bombs were used and cities flatened, the death in 10 years are half million. I can assure that when the first artellary was heard in Hargeisa evertyone moved to the other towns and borders to Ethiopia. it was the quickest war in terms of military engegement. The Burco war lasted a week.

Cid walba hadday naxnaxiso dhibkeeda xal la gaadhi maayo. 


Baala Xoofto,

I would  take with grain of salt anything Yusuf Graad says who was a member of the USC group in the nineties. We we were their and we don't need CNN or BBC tell us about our homes. WE all agree that " war is hell". History will tell that the SNM committed some of worst strategies of the modern war in late eighties inflitrating a large city and fighting among civilians. That is an ISIS style of fighting. It was a crime. By 1991, they were almost accepting defeat and were ready to negotiate when the Somali government collapsed unexpectedly. In All, Allah is just and the injustices of the military government made it to collapse so others could make a credit.

Yet, after 30 years we are where we started in 1991. Poverty, thrust for water, unemployed and constant drought and angry tribes from Djibouti to Jigjiga, Hargeisa, Garoowe and Mogadishu.

Waxa uu yidhi C/laahi Yusuf Allah Ha u Naxariistee, " Hadaan ogaan lahaa in Soomalidu sidan tahay, duur ma galeen, baabuurna qori ma saareen".

As Che said,  Siyaad Barre Allah ha u naxariiste,  is gone for almost 30 years ago, and other than big hotels for the elite to sip tea , what have you done? did you coltivated one hecter of land to aliviete import foods and infliation, did you built 50 km of road so people could trade and travel, have you seen even a kid kick a soccer ball or compete against another town? no.

Raad aan shalay maray miyaan did ugu soo laabtay

aan ooyee albaaka ii xidha.

We just lost 45 of of the best and brightest in Hiiraan just last week. Have you ever heard any warlord or evil person dying in bombs? No. They always kill the best including that lady Aamina. She probably knew few things about the double agent " Maruuxumad" Ikraan which has ties to foreign agents. They bombed and wounded her, and just like proffessional killers they made sure she must not survive and made the second bomb. Only sates do that kind of thing. 

Dhiisi baad moodaa markuu

afka kuu soo dhaweyneye

Waa dan gaara iyo 

dhuuni ku raacdaysiye

Dhuunta bir la ga geli

muxuu nooga dhiman waayey.

I am out of the topic, so kids, don't start with me with the evil Somali Alphabet rebels 

" Naga dumiyey dalkayagii".

Allah doori dambigay galeenba garmaayaane.

Good might folks.

please mention sources before you state inaccurate accounts of history and propagate ‘revisionism’.

Your point in debate seems to be ‘if’ one had only known the consequences, would they have acted the same or differently with the knowledge of today. Which seems to me a hypothetical questions that’s quite useless to debate 30 years later after events have already occurred and not sure what it contributes to the current status quo. 

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Muse Hirsi talks about how they landed the only military cargo plane that Somalia Airforce owned which was flying to Hargeisa with full of munitions and chemical weapons, in Djibouti.

He also talks about how he escaped from Jazeera massacre in Mogadishu.  



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