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The Islamic Struggle

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I say my final salaams to my right then my left

concluded my salat and took a deep breath

Half of us prayed salat while the others stand guard

We have to be ready because the enemy isn’t far

I grab a handful of desert sand

And walk over to where my men stand

I slowly release every grain and let it scatter across the land

Over 300 men armed and ready

equipped with a sword or machete

Our body armor isn’t much, but our belief in Allah remains heavy

All dressed in black

With the shahadah written on our backs

Lined up at our boarder where the enemy wants to attack

If my men weren’t true mujahids, they surely would have ran

But none of them move a muscle, they wait for my command

Each one on a horse

Determined to stay on course

Determined to please Allah, even if that means using force

“In the name of Allah master of the universe

The men who wish to attack us are one of the worst

They think they have all the weaponry, but are only equipped with Allah’s curse

But we have the Quran which we follow verse by verse

That means we must fight, but try our best not to sin

We won’t truly win

Unless we follow the teachings of the great prophet Mohamed peace be upon him

That means we must not harm a child, women, or elder,

a person who is unarmed, or someone who wants to surrender.

Whatever the outcome of the battle may be

It will inshallah lead us all to victory.

If we live to see victory, we can raise our hands high with our weapons

But if we fall on the battlefield, we will be raised to the 7th heaven

So mujahids please join me

In the battle of jihad where victory is a certainty.â€

There ain’t a cloud in the sky but you can hear the rumble of thunder

It’s the sound of the enemy closing in; its clear that we’re outnumbered

As the distant between us becomes narrow

I signal my men to fire the first wave of arrows

Many of the enemies fall on their backs

We attack in packs ready to engage in hand-to-hand combat

With the help of my lord,

Many fall victim to my double-edged sword

Suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere like a jinn

Quickly drew his sword and stabbed me in my abdomen

I slash my sword in the battle of jihad gracefully

Where he’s head use to reside is now a vacancy

Judging by the amount of enemies that lay in the sand

It seems my people have gained the upper hand

After a long fierce battle under the hot sun

Many enemies lay dead, while others run

Victory was awarded to those who believed “Allah is one!â€

I sustained too much damage from the enemy’s brigade

My vision begins to fade

Inshallah I will be resurrected under Allah’s shade

Even though I’m dead, I can still see

I see two beautiful angels descending upon me

One of them takes out a cloth that smelt of a perfume

A fragrance so powerful, it could be smelt from the moon

“Oh servant of Allah, your meeting with Allah is near

But have no fear

Because you are a servant that Allah holds dear.

You were faced with the challenge and passed the test

For that you have achieved ultimate success

So come blessed soul who’s love for a Allah was pure and true

and into the hereafter where Allah has prepared Jannah for you.â€



Told you i would post it

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You have such a describtive flow to your poem, Mansha'allah. You had my complete attention from beginning to End. Keep them coming.


Welcome to SOL!

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Maasha Allah, that was beautiful. Vivid description of Jihad in the days of the prophet SCW and his companions. Sister/brother, Allah gave you a power to put words in graphical format to the readers' minds.


Keep them coming, they are appreciated and loved.

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