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Seeking Paradise


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Dreams as fragile as a spider’s web

Hope as fleeting as an injured child

I come to you

For validation

I need to know that I exist

Am loved

And needed

That I matter

But you turn me away

Not trusting yourself

Or our love

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What is love?

I look for the answers

But can’t find any

Everyone has their own definition

But I don’t

I am still searching for it

But how can one search for something they don’t know?

How will I know when I find it?

It comforts me to know the signs

But does everyone have the same experiences?

Will I know when love knocks on my door?

Or will I hesitate

And forever lose it?

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Existing like a thought thunk

Reality's objectafied optimist

The object of one's Fantasy


Sweet as A fruit rippened

Hearts aphrodisiac

Arousing Emotions


like a thinking thought

Leads a life of its own,

A Contradiction

Gentle, Ruthless

Weak, Strong

Love is sophmoronic

with Senior Status

Of a Valedictorian

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Thank you all for your kind words. :D


MsWord. That was lovely.



I look into the mirror

Not knowing who or what’ll I see

But I am hopeful

Searching for the girl I was

And the woman I have become

The slowly rise on my toes

And wipe the fog from the murky surface

Eyes as black as coal in a stranger’s face

Stare blankly back at me

I step back


And turn away


I wish I could shatter the mirror

And maybe then I could see

What I want to see


I don't like the person I have become

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Look deeper into the mirror

And the reflection might get clearer

For what you see is not what I perceive you to be

Your dark eyes are very hypnotizing

Can you see the sparkle?

They glow and tell their own story

A tale of glory

Its darkness is like the night sky minus all the street lights

And the stars visible even at those heights

I see an aspiring poet

A nomad with spirit

Your eyes are half wide open

And the reflection is hazed

Take a deeper look

And you’d see that

Your exactly who you want to be

I hope you’ll agree


Viewer D

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Enter this water world with care

For waves sweep away the strong

And soon enough, when tired and weak

The sea of voices will drown thoughts

Once caught in cold and murky needs

It will choke attempts to breathe, to live

The icy stares like a thousand knifes

Will Stab the chest till it bleeds


When cold and lifeless

The soul will sink to their depths


Now crushed and gone

Victimised by this watery grave

And those who reside within

The ones who want but never give

The ones who breathe but are dead


Take heed or this water world will become your watery grave.

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