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Been balling!

Faithful prayers?

Been calling!

Deadly visions, I been holding!

What else? still popping shells...

Telling tails, how evil try to prevail!

Been beefing. Beamed demon!

Trying to jerk me in and out of jail!

Or slow dance me to hell...what the hell?

At 3rd'teen I went all out, broke into my 1st Dodge!-

5th'teen nothing was clear as it all seem, had my 1st MIRAGE!

Blazed upon DBlockz parking'LOT!

6teen I grew long and strange*

Even my moms felt I was a stranger-

Got booked for metal batting some park ranger!

7teen been the year I felt hunged by my throat with a coat hanger!

My every other step had me conversating with danger!

Start chopping with no pagger...

As I grew up and threw up, fearless feelings feeding my anger!

8teen sleeper held the principal,

Fool was'trying ph*c wit' ma' principle

I got him insensible, then the VP called the municipal...

That bas'tard died durring that summer, I felt incredible!

9teen to Twenty I was impossible...

Drifting from coast to coaster,

grew lot of friends and foes closer!

It was like the world had beef, so I got me a pan and a TOASTER!

Incase they had bread too,

every mo'nin I was cocking doo!-So they called me the Rooster!

21-24 Been Boosting the same booster,

Handled lot of heat work,

you can say I was massaging the stove!

Had 2quit the weed sport,

Friends had hope, even foe folks gave fear love!

rub a dove, tug a glove ama retired thug :rolleyes:

ph*c a kiss of death, I stab u with a retared hug...

Now am ammunition technician-

got my champoinships on the block, I sense no compitition!

Doing the easiest task and the hardest mission-

Being a pious on my religion* (may'Allah'guide)

Say am gaining ambition thnx 2my deadly vision!


Now am advicing those who use to judge me_

Grudge me, Featherful and Budgy!

Clip their whole click and they couldn't even rush me!

Now that am being pious and Gushy

Still they could never touch me...

As I play on the chase way with Evil like Itchy and Scratchy!~

Ya'all dudes gone goofs brain dead like Homer Simpson, I let u keep on wishing!

scratch to stop itching, stop snitching, stop *****ing :mad:

Salams, I pray we all start switching~

Gone-Good-Still-Hood-Been-Rude-Feel-how I -Grill-Smooth!





Like the river I flow, 2dizzy ya mind like yeo-yeo!



None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish! ;)

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Long time no see...

How you been O.G?


Words of a young buck, not giving a ----!

Living even in this life, free and stuck!

Childs play, these new kids are the seeds of Chuck!

Troublesome, misunderstood by the handsome-

Lonesome, crussing hood high with my gun-son!

Get it good. I give u the boot. B4 u get a boost-

Outa Jail? it's all hood out here been hell!

You didn't miss none, just the growth of the artificial population!

Keep six on ur ammunition,

cause the weak from the past lookin'4compitition!

Everybody wearing a colon,

with a heart trying to beat away from their chest,

scared to be home alone!

Am going on!

Like the energyser, bunny please!

Don't flirt if u think ama settle for the tease-

Not a whife beater, but I support 'em Tees!

Planting seeds, call me if u need a leaf, am chopping trees!

Burn the forest, kicking back like Chuck Noras!

My metaphors sneak with the importers, in and out of boarders!

Some get lost, and some get these flows like orders*









None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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Like none of your business!

I seen what u couldn't even stand to witness!

You da type I Punch off lines_

I met da strangest mind,

Let me introduce you to a Parkway stranger*

Who got fed up by one time for he did his time

For sure for being filthy is a crime

Expect you not to get this story line,

But, ama chot it down to get it outa ma mind!

Start off with the metaphors I sign as traced this 'Qurbads' landmine!


He started off as a A.O.K Kid*

Went from feedig his nicotine rush,

2blazing in order to calm his Stress Fit*

Time flew who ever Knew?

And his vexed nerves Grew!

Years on the past peers came to pass,

preasure grew so he popped a bottle of brew with his crew!

Drinking, thinking, lossing hope, he's sinking!

Switching, all eagered itching, hearing Islam preeching!

In his mind, in his heart, in his soul he started reeking!

Each bottle explaining! 'Life Matters Less'

Ended up working for rent a fridge to feed from

and strickly getting more bottle blissed!

Friends fadded and Family didn't exist*

All that mattered was the LCBO to medicate him painless!

after 6 of 65 days of drinking the pain away life came to this!

lost his job and became aimless!

His personality became like how a 6year old kid is!

Asking crazed Questions! Now he's on regret tips!

Alone, no home, so long, peace to the gone!

Lost his mind and so on!

But, life goes he met a girl who got him a stone!

Filled his pipe right, now dazed 'n' amazed*

Feeling more twisted than the drunk, more high than the blazed!

He got on the Ally-ways!

No more shame days, he gone ugly but alive

learned life plays...

You don't get it, now they call him Ali-Dusty_

Meet the life of a somali custy!

...Years went around the nook!

With a dead heart and brainless mind, his life is like a burned book!

No pages, this happened to many ages, how u wanna drink and try and fake this?

At the end u be facing in catch up situations!

Our ppl say Pray b4 U get praid upon,

To some this tragity is the latest-

Those who know should commit a help show!

Don't let our kids grow aimless,

Soon enough we'll be painless

Decaying alive, how can we stand this?

Growing Kafirs, while the parents maintainance is Religious?

If u strong fighting for our communities, it's a must you feel this!

I say lets bumb rush the Alcoholics, Tie up the Khaat chewers,

Smack the jokers, think this is funny? Play on with your actors!

You be sinning while you be singing, yeah I rapping to the weed smokers!

The cake makers and the street dealers_

This goes to all the Somali Pushers!


If u care send this to someone u think is doing ugly in life...


A true story about the guy on the story!

Knew him, now I don't know him no more,

can't help him he lost his glory!

Can't worry, got to be happy rather than act all blissful like Jim Carry!

A message for the Kids you should carry...

(Stay away from Drugs, or pick hell over heaven)


Been bad gone good, now I support real hood!







None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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''But, life goes he met a girl who got him a stone!

Filled his pipe right, now dazed 'n' amazed*

Feeling more twisted than the drunk, more high than the blazed!

He got on the Ally-ways!

No more shame days, he gone ugly but alive

learned life plays...

You don't get it, now they call him Ali-Dusty_

Meet the life of a somali custy!''



This could be the life story of many kids .

You sometimes see Ali dusty on ur street

and quitely say 'ALHAMDULILAH'for not ending up the same way.


Fallen from birth,

his life is a curse


A troublesome boy, hittin` and runnin`

Dreams of gurlz,money and gunnin`

Little does he know he is his own grave digger,

The shovel represented by his finger on the trigger,


He hates the law, his enemies are the police,

his friends are the gangsters, he prefers the streets,

Out on the streetz he cold, but he`s free,

Out on the road he`s as bad as can be,


his friends are those that will take a life,

Kill a fellow man for a very little price,

The boy sells drugs and steals to survive,

he does anything he can just to stay alive,


No role model, no parent to show him the way,

No one to tell him crime doesn`t pay,

Father chewing his brains out, mum given up hope,

A single stress out mother, and yet she still copes,


Walking the streets, late at night,

Walks into darkness, walks into a fight

The boy meets his rivals, trouble has begun,

Moments later his life is done,


Friends at his funerl time to say goodbye,

His mother heart-broken all she does is cry,

He is now gone and buried, Buried six feet,

He`s just another boy who fell victim to the street.

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Growing concieded*

Gave up on all he needed*

4get moms he uttering phuc'Pops_

Got court cought doing dead time, not guilty as he pleaded!

Denied bail, Oh what the hell might as well...

Phuck up in jail got'out worst than b4 he got locked in hell!

Now he roaming the streets like a ghost lined celly!

Called me up talking he got a story to tell me-

"Remember that movie Belly?"

Asked if he wanted to play Nas or DMX,

But the boy was after something, NERVIOUS and shakin'like Jelly!

Detailed me on jacking a Somali Jam,

B4 I told him he was being silly-

He blazed a philly I mean Really!

He lost it talking about we make up,

Hooded up, pack and shoot it up!

1st we send two cats to gas lace the place,

Than me and u gas lace and ignite the body gaurds str8 on their face!

Walky Talk the two cats inside to ignite the the floor and hold hostage the stage!

Am thinking INTERESTING...

While we snuff the two cops with a sneak attack,

silencer snipe them both!

Than get on stage while one comrad runs to lock all the doors*

One gets on the mic and directs the nervs on the ppl on the floor!

Am thinking HARDCORE...

Step by step jack the whole Jam Spot*

What not I had my mind exploding with veins heating hot!

What not he got a sick mind and he's bound to go like quick time!

If u thinking this is a sick rhyme,

it's a plot bound to happen cause am wit it---

Oooh I done spitted the wrong plan but ya'all be thinking other wise like (Oooh DV done sh*t it)

yea yea

Four Fitted

Ill Wit it

Will Kill it

Turned the other way and I woke...

What a Dream!...


Hey who ever said dreams do come true.

I ask what if they are bad dreams do they come true?








None Understand This It's Like They've All Gone Brandish.

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I often ask myself how became strangers

When we’re once more than friends…I guess I just remind him what he became…we used walk the same path…now we drive on different roads … I remember when he used to write sick sh!t on his pad…like he scribbled it on a tampax… and he remember’s the girl I used to be… picking fights like Stand the F!ck back…..but I’m not her and he is not him anymore



Yesterday’s reality he chose to build on today’s dream

He got so many money schemes

His brain feels rich…. b!tch…he yells to the young ladies

Walkin the street….they roll their eyes but can’t say shit

Cuz He got so much heat….he could turn North Pole into a tropic…drastic..his changes became…like reconstructive surgery….he tried to go under a knife once

But caught a jones for life… he living with all this strife….wishing to die while having sex….so he could “cum†and go at the same time like Afroman….understand he wasn’t always like this…Living reckless and dangerous….I knew him before money came first to everything…when he used to pray more than five times a day….you would always catch him kneeling and reciting quranic scriptures…left alone to raise his sisters... after his moms departure…Cause Dad was a rolling stone like a f!ckin’ rock song…….and he barely out of school now……at times he cry himself to sleep…tired of seeing ends not meet and dividends not deep…in the pockets like some of his friends…so they introduced him to dead presidents and heroin.. started dealing… got dough…making bread was an only option …but got obssessed and became a baker …… used to rock salvation army now n!gga Roc-a-fella … once shy now girls call him the Booty Filla…he got whip appeal….car huggin curves like he driving on beyonce….… used to say NO NO NO to drugs…but weed became a constant companion…..

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he always blazing and its amazing….how he swearin off alcohol….thou tempted can’t take a sip…..cause he knows its sin…aint that some shit…you’d be cruisin for a bruisin….shit talkin’ to him N!gga have you grave walkin’….like take your last breath….you’ve spoken with death…No remorse No emotion….on his face…. As another life he takes…don’t talk anymore..only utters F!ck You Pay me…Distrust is a must….in life he leads…fortunate may favor the bold…..but fate is a B!tch…..when standin’ Accord with crime like a Honda with an assualt sign...he got pulled over for expired tabs….officer whats the haps…he answer till the cop pulled out a nine…unregistered and no license…sent to county called his lawyer and was out the same night...friends threw a party like life was so tight....but DA was pissed...produced a witness..a juror….accusing him of tryna rob her….and her store so like an akon song...he got locked up….. tryna stand tall….called his so called friends but they didn’t take his call….so cold….he is left alone again…..but misery loves he started praying……officers saying…..â€he mutters in strange languagesâ€â€¦but he just laughs…cause he knows he is on a rightous path...…Now he is an Imaan at the mosque…praying over his former friends caskets...drastic...his changes it seems...but Ignorance is suicide once you have tasted the sweetness of imaan..and he had his fill like drinkin’ a sea Man!..... once a Gangsta now gone good… tomorrrow’s dreams built on todays reality…How hood?

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Yea, Word to the lost...

Peace to the gone, I call the cause!

I ain't a big Boss; But...

Even if I get SHOT promise not to call the COPS!

Where I come FROM! You witness how a Moms heart Pause...

Drop a cold tear* Sweet mother have No Fear!

Hopefully we'll change for the better next Year!

You got the hearts of men right HERE.

Living in a place WHERE, opportunity Comes RARE.

We're aware they got us feeling our color ain't Fair!

Ain't white but white-washed, nothing seems Clear!

Dim the Lights, still under surveilance, Cameras on every ceilling-

Thank God for My PC, for I step out and the

Projected stuggles is all I see-

Like a Marine am still sailing!

A Soldier I ain't Telling!

From Regeon to Flamo and VP am all Willing...

Hate is hate they hate each other but yo am a brother

Tough as Leather

I change and drift with the weather

From Acorn to D-Block in Jans deep Spots the depth of Rexdale

All got the uglies stories to tell

Boys who'll yell for bail in Jail

Canteen for my Somali brothers behind the cell

B4 their deportation due date, one way back home all awaits is hell!

Hate is hate they hate each other but yo am a borther

Rough as Whatever

A one man Arm-me, death was promise to me but I doubt they can harm-me!

Brandish cats wearing fag tags

Somali Jack's...

Extending his Du-Rags, With the Earing he Brags!

Left his culture so I bullet his Gabs

Reload my Gats, Turn to the Jamaican Nags

Bust their dirt Bags!

I ain't a killa but I'll morder more than a Hitman_

A comando with a Swift-Hand!

Quick to change moods you can say my personality got the Split-Plan!

Got beef?

Yea, you already know I got the Pan...

I ain't into bragging but you'll know when I got it or Not-

I got it on Hot-

Ya'whole click couldn't get me am like Osama and you just Plotting on Pot!

Working like the system that's trying to burn me!

4get a destination, My success is a Journey!

Am the poetic Don, only few'll understand when I speak of the Gun.

Peace to the Gone.



Had to steel him, trunk his body, came this close: force me to kill him!

But am a professional I move with the dark.

Sleep in Days, Walk-Nights am the Spark.


Been bad gone good, came back real hood-

Am on this madness!


Kids kiss kid and play soo Brandish!

Yes, am behind what happens- plot for the planners! Ahuh Yes-yes!

Peaceful and cute as can be around the ladies-

But with the fellas am rude and dangerious

treat them like am forcing them to raise my babbies-

Plan them to marry my baby Mamas when they reach their 40s.

Long gunner!

Son of a Snipper!

Leave you to 1der!

Now a man of a leader, hate them am inlove with my Heater!

Ya, I know I been bad gone good-

Now am in the mist of a bad mix knocking on wood-

Hopefully I get back to where I stood,

Learn it's only Right to War back if you can't get Peace_

Cause it was the pistol whipe they Understood!

My voice alone mutes a room call me that Ganster shifting Mood!

Real nice mostly found to be uplifting Rude!

Am done Damn it!

Hold me back and witness the introduction between my Steel-Boot and your Back Tooth!



Shoooot! Aim for my head this time...






In the world of the lost-

Some poke a ear to floss-

Others leave Islam and rock a cross-

U do the math-

Like T.I "You live here, I work here, am Jus'Doing my Job"



None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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The Mission:


Dang am broke, not a penny to my name

My girls going on silly not acting the same

What to sell?

Where to start?

Who to tell?

Need quick buck to invest in my Art

Feelings feeling sticky like Gell

Am the coach I got the play just need a game

Got a aim

Can't, Work is long and lame

Time's flying

My motivation's dying

No trust, everybody's lying

My girl wants me for my money

My boys act up and try me like a dummy

I laugh, itching to kill, but right it's all funny

This ain't me I never been broke

Times like this is when a foe comes around

Offer me a toke here take a toke

Now look at it all like a joke

Laughing out loud feeling provoked

Welcome me back, like here have another blunt'smoke!

Zone out, leave the world join the Jin

Think a thing

About a sin

Am'bout to sing



Wake up the next day

Hear someone got-shot

Oooh My...

This your brain on hot-pot

Like the mask, Thought is was all a Dream!

But, now I know can't even trust my team

1st my girl than my boys now my business is on the main screen

Damn my foes, plaid me out clean

Should I share? tell you should I explain why I got a glare?

O.K...1st it wasn't as it all seemed.

Only had money issue-

Now am feeling more depressed than my peeps back in Mogodishu!

Thinking about times, the times I missed you...


When you filled my pockets telling me 'they can't diss u'...


Got me things I wanted, needed, now without am feeling mistreated...


Should I feel cheated?

butterflies in my tummy throwing up concieted~


When I had ignored you You I should've heeded...


It's funny how I changed skin and grew rough surface...


Am I a dummy? to feel this strange sin leading me to a boiling furnace...


Is it only for money you want me?



My mission is clear you both sound the same to me!



I careless wich one of you comes 1st so long as I burst aimfully...



Do dare this don't think am shameless, won't do it all for you silly...



The mission is to 4get you focus on me b4 u transform me into being filthy...

Honey, grow up and think of the future b4 you go act up like u feeling to kill me

Money, sure I want you need you but you don't make my world go around do feel me

Friends and Foes follow me on the same path, if I fall they fall.

When I call they come but never break my fall.

All is all. Moral to this is the Devil works in many ways.

Through a gun, through fun, through close one, through selfe in most if not some!


Don't kill no one: Unless it's a

Never place another God with Allah or pray to another God!

Never disbelieve for everything comes to leave!

Never decieve for the wrong path is there for you to follow as the right path is there for you to follow. but one is for you to pick!...

Gun talks for safety reasons. Never fear till your book of judgement is open!

If anything only fear Allah and accept death for it's promised to you in the open!

Do the damn thing. Not a sheikh but am deep when I speak! feel the shiver travel from ur spin down to your feet!...



Yes-Boss! I tell them to do their work.

But they seem like a hard headed punch into sport.

What to do Boss? What to Do?

"Just tell them it hurts and they will know comprehend with pain for their time is real short!"






Going all Rawdy with out any Dowdy*

Who's yo'Daddy?

Who's yo'Daddy?

Thas'It..Come2DV Baby-

Thurr Thurr...



None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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vision less

gangster less

saggin pants

crip walking and ma thinking boy u mad

from nike to flip flops

from akademics to macawis with polka dots

hearing u laugh at this crewed joke

none-the-less az most

would kneel down praying

the sideways hats u straighten it

mats scratchin weary knees

black mark on forhead gushes good feelings

az u kno the end wud b fresh

from gangster lean to heaven

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