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How you feel.?

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How i feel?


Confuced Kinda complicate it,Thoughts in my head,I can't explain it,I feel old aging from stress at young age, this world is so raw and cold clinchin in rage,can't see glimpse of me,i feel strange,my thoughts enrage,really i think i'm insane i belong in cage....



so how you feel...

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How i feel..


Diffrent from Eight Minute ago,10,000 people have died i don't even know,Thoughts like this is what haunts me,constantly and i can't help it, i sleep less,i confess,my life is like test....



so how you feel..

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His brain burns and boils

even his soul can't describe his pains

his every laughter overshadowed

by the darkness overwhelming his veins

I will tell you all his story

so listen and understand this.


He prayed for a change

false hopes were his darknes

his muscles are cramping

his back raw from whips of fire

his whole life has been pain

dust and darkness his driver

he can't feel joy because of his sorrow...

but not exactly down and out either

his wishes were never granted

all his requests have been fatal

misery... darkness... insanity...

were constantly guarding his cradle

he's been through more obstacles-

than describable,

his guardians where abusive

tranquillity he never found

as peace was always elusive,

in all ways he was a warrior

as battles were won with the sword,

fighting an eternal battle...

where defeat and dispair were rewards

for years he expierenced this,

until the battle came when he fell

loss was his ultimate reward...

because winning itself was his loss.


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lol..Instinct Poet~

Asking how I feel is a mistake and you know it!

Let me bla'bla b4 iftar*


I feel real ill willed_

Like how I flow?

Still chop pills for 1/4 mills, would kill bill to grill my meal!

Feel I gots to grub, am pocket my belly's to real the deal.

Basically I take your life plus your wife-

Grid ya night!

Flip ya pride skip ya fight am reel to feel!

Won't fail to rip ya stripes!

Set fit to drop ya flight*

Rude boi on the go, feel me flow*

Shine like a capella*

Understand me fellow my lyrics jiggle like jellow*

No one cares how I feel it's all about how I heal_

Flip frowns...Aaaa* Iftar time*


lol~2bad I didn't make many sence on da real I never had any sense unless made dollars from adding cents!









None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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Let me have a go... smile.gif


I feel like I am in a cage

I can’t escape

Outraged by what is going on in this day and age

Could this be fate? Or is there hope on the next page?…


Truth is never told

Young and old

People are so cold

Integrity was once our strong hold

Now you see souls being sold

In an attempt to obtain a piece of this world

Can you remember what it was it like to be bold?...


Nature is worn

We are torn

Mothers clutch to their new born

We question our own

Abandoned what we have known

So we can be renown

Have we deserted our conscience to maintain a fake crown?...

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Originally posted by Shayma:

Have we deserted our conscience to maintain a fake crown?...

I believe so,cuz every time i hold smile it turns upside down

I feel like a sad clown,i ain't Entertainin

this life i maintain in

is kinda eazy to sustain the pain,

kill my spine i get up with crane,

like tylenoll i numb the strain,

pain is nothing call me Ibobrofen,

Instinct is pain proven

Why...i don't know,i just Improvin'

lit me with flame and propain,

i walk around litted like cigar in ya mouth an',


sit back this how i feel..

even so i keep it in hard shell,

never prepared to fail,

the devil wishes my soul for sale,

my conscience sets for bail,

see the good in me is hard to beat,

My good deeds kept me out of defeat,

ask around i ain't never been known to back out or retreat,

i take all heat like oven,

handle all pain and still movin'..

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I feel fresh feel bliss feel this realness.

Born to feel fearless, son hear this-

Am the leason you learn, my vision is the mission you'll earn!

In due time let me let you feel how I feel,

still real ill willed!

My minds gone, go fetch, my word is bond, feeling high tech!

Only if ya pops knew your my son, how would he feel?

I know he would feel a rush to kill,

But, than surely he would feel the led spit from my steel.

I donated a seed, ya moms didn't have to steal!

Kid am emotionless how u expect to feel?

Well ok I be real to show da deal!

1st know am a father figure*

You, Son! your just a son of a nigger*

U feel 2get guns to feel bigger*

I trafic guns through them gold diggers*

I feel money, you feel funny, feel dummy,

You love her while she feels for me*

I get to feel her bunny,

She's an onion I let you peel for me.

Your a dummy, have you kill for me.

Box with me and feel the beat down of a Rodney!

Feel guily, soft nigga u feel lily-

Still in love, as I just let her feel Willy*

NO REALLY...I make her feel silly~


Fuc'now I feel hungery!




-hate leaving have cooked rhymes~




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