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4 minutes ago, baala xoofto said:

Somaliland taking part in the Commonwealth Conference being held in Rwanda as an observer.  




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British Office in Hargeisa is got an opening. 

The pay is sh*t but for someone who is looking to relocate to Somaliland and use as this opportunity while adjusting to the local environment, then it is a good opportunity. 



View Vacancy - Senior Programme Officer HEO (C4) (02/22 HG)

The British Government is an inclusive and diversity-friendly employer.  We value difference, promote equality and challenge discrimination, enhancing our organisational capability. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds. We do not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, colour, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, age, veteran status or other category protected by law. We promote family-friendly flexible working opportunities, where operational and security needs allow.

Job Category  

Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (Programme Roles)

Job Subcategory  

Prosperity and Economic Growth

Job Description (Roles and Responsibilities)  

Main purpose of job:

The Senior Programme Officer (SPO) will be based in Hargeisa, and work with the FCDO Somalia Economic and Development Team and the British Office Hargeisa team and be part of the efforts to help Somaliland, and Somalia more broadly, build a diversified, climate resilient and inclusive economy that lifts people out of poverty and contributes to building stability.

The SPO will be a key member of the team who will:

Deliver high quality programme management and compliance within FCDO Programme Operating Framework rules and requirements and seek to continually improve delivery for better development results.

Support the teams external engagement with Government, Development Partners, and other stakeholders; and

Ensure strong communications and close working with FCDO colleagues across the office.

Roles and responsibilities:

 A.         Deliver high quality programme management:

Work closely with the Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) the senior programme manager will hold programme management responsibility for the Somalia Development Fund (SDF), and a new Somaliland economic development programme, as well as provide support to the final year of the Unlocking Prosperity in the Horn of Africa (HOA), and a new Green Urban Growth programme.

The SDF programme aims to improve governance, accountability, and public service delivery by the Government of Somaliland. The FCDO is the lead partner, along with three other development partners, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark. The programme works closely with government counterparts and is set to end in March 2024. The Somaliland economic development programme is currently under design and will provide strategic economic policy advice to the government to maximise the benefits of investments in the economic corridor running through Ethiopia and Somaliland.

Key elements of the role include:

Ensure high standards of programme management and compliance for programmes for which the SPO is responsible – applying FCDO Programme Operating Framework rules and procedures. Ensuring that best programme management practices and compliance are applied across the management of a programme, and the projects within it.  

Lead financial management of the programme, ensuring accurate forecast, timely payment of suppliers and providing analysis of team finance performance to the SPO manager. 

Identify, build, and maintain relationships with key contacts that are critical for programme implementation.

Identify and monitor risk and emerging challenges.

Undertake site visits as required, to review and report on project implementation on the ground.

Support the successful delivery of programme team and VIPs’ visits to Somaliland.

B.         External Engagement:

The SPO will be the principal point of contact for the FCDO economic development team in Somaliland. This will mean keeping regular contact with key government, private sector, and civil society counterparts.

Key elements of the role include:

Regular meetings with the key government stakeholders and beneficiaries directly related to the economic development programming portfolio e.g., Ministry of Finance Development, Ministry of Investment and Industrial Development  

Regular meetings with key member of the private sector, this will include in the Chambers of Commerce, key banking entities, energy sector companies, SMEs.

Regular meetings with key civil society members with an interest in public finance, revenue collection, financial sector integrity, remittances, and business development.

C.         Across Office Communications:

In this role SPO will:

Provide regular readouts of meetings held with externals that are relevant to office objectives

Regular readouts of all programme meetings held in Hargeisa

Provide inputs to broader office analysis on aspects that relate to public finance or economic development in Somaliland

Support broader corporate responsibilities.

Line management and wider working relationships:

The job holder will report to the Programme Development lead (based in Nairobi)/ Somaliland Development lead (based in Hargeisa), and will have regular contact with other advisers and programme management team within the Economic Development team, British Office Hargeisa and broader FCDO teams. Across FDCO, the jobholder will engage with HQ teams in London. Externally, there will be regular contact with Government officials, other development partners, consultants.

Essential qualifications, skills and experience  

Experience in managing the programme cycle including contract management

Experience and skill in financial management and relationship management.  

Strong written and spoken English communication skills, including strong organisational skills

Experience in engaging and influencing external partners and managing suppliers

Able to work collaboratively, flexibly and adaptively including as part of a virtual team in a range of locations, and to demonstrate initiative

Demonstrated commitment to coaching, helping to build the capability of all and to building and maintaining an inclusive work environment.

Willing and able to contribute to lesson learning within and across teams and with FCDO central departments and wider HMG

Ability to speak Somali.

Desirable qualifications, skills and experience  

Experience working on or in fragile and conflict affected states 

Ability to identify and apply lessons learned from other programme to improve delivery effectiveness. 

Experience in solving a wide range of problems using a variety of tools, and being creative

Flexibility to work on new priorities as they emerge.

Required behaviours  

Delivering at Pace, Communicating and Influencing, Working Together

Application deadline  

15 July 2022


Higher Executive Officer (HEO)

Type of Position  

Fixed Term, Fixed term, with possibility of renewal

Duration of Post  

12 months





Location (City)  


Type of Post  

British Embassy Office

Salary Currency  




Start Date  

1 September 2022

Other benefits and conditions of employment  

Learning and development opportunities:

The British Office Hargeisa is committed to supporting learning and development for all staff through on the job learning, coaching and formal training depending on individual needs.

Working patterns:

This job is not suitable to flexible working due to the reactive nature and need to respond to urgent and emerging demands at short notice.

Additional information  

Please complete the application form in full as the information provided is used during screening.

Please check your application carefully before you submit, as no changes can be made once submitted.

The British Office in Hargeisa will never request any payment or fees to apply for a position.

Employees recruited locally by the British Office in Hargeisa are subject to Terms and Conditions of Service according to local employment law in Somaliland.

All candidates must be legally able to work and reside in Somaliland with the correct visa/work permit status. 

Employees who are not liable to pay local income tax on their Mission salary may have their salaries reduced by the equivalent local income tax amount.

Information about the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office Success Profiles can be found on this link: Please note:  Job grade AA=A1, AO=A2, EO=B3, HEO=C4, SEO=C5

Reference checking and security clearances will be conducted on successful candidates.

Please log into your profile on the application system on a regular basis to review the status of your application.

Please be aware that you will only be able to apply to vacancies for Country Based Staff roles with the British Government through this official site (operated by Oleeo). Jobs may be advertised on third party websites, however our adverts will always link back to the official site. If you complete and send an application through any other site, we will not receive it.

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A game changer. A cement plant able to produce 1.2Mt of cement annually. 

This will propel Somaliland into the 6th biggest producer of Cement in East Africa



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Omaar Company, one of the largest Somaliland Conglomerates, is going big in the Oil/Gas business. 

Its subsidiary "National Oil & Gas" will setup an Oil and Gas terminal in Berbera, capable of storing upto 1 year's worth of Gas and Petroleum products. 

Once setup, this will help smooth out the impact of high global energy prices. 


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US Senate Bill "Somaliland Partnership Act" has receiving strong endorsement by the "US House Armed Services Committee", one of the most important committees in the US along with the US Foreign Relations Committee. 

This means, this Bill will most likely go through the House when it reaches the floor. 



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United States and Somaliland Partnership is reaching new heights with legislation of the "H.R. 7900 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2023" & White House's mandating it "STATEMENT OF ADMINISTRATION POLICY"

Among the amendments include: 



991 Version 2 Smith, Christopher (NJ) Republican

Revised Requires the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, to conduct a feasibility study with regard to greater engagement with Somaliland, a self-governing, de facto independent entity strategically-located on the Horn of Africa. Requires further the Secretary of State, in consultation with the Secretary of Defense, to submit a classified report that contains the results of the above feasibility study within 180 days of enactment to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, House Armed Services Committee, the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, and the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Perry ¶ Republican Inserts a statement of policy about Somaliland stating that that all territorial claims by the Federal Republic of Somalia over the area known as Somaliland are invalid and without merit.



Report by Committee on Armed Services US Congress



 Somaliland Government Statement about the passing of the legislation. 


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Almost every single businessman whose name is known in Somaliland started from humble beginning. 

Dahabshiil owner used to own a small shop selling lollies in Burco, later upgraded to a Bakhaar, and later started the money transfer business during the 1980s.

Mohamed Aw Siciid, another tycoon, started with just one truck in Djibouti. Now MSG Group is one of the largest businesses in the Horn of Africa. 

The same goes with every single one of them. 

In the last few years, we have seen the owner of Sagal Jet transform a small printing business he started while student in Hargeisa University so his friends can print and copy textbooks. Sagal Jet now is one of the largest Office related supplier and printing/branding Houses in the Horn of Africa, with branches in Djibouti, Somaliland, Ethiopia.

Today, I have another successful young entrepreneur.  The owner of Adan 19 Ice-creamery. He was a school drop out due to the death of his father. He was forced to leave school and earn money for the family. Today, Adan 19 is a millionaire employing close to 100 people. 


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Are Somaliland Businesses ready to take advantage of the soon to open Berbera Corridor which is expected to generate close to $300m dollars annually. 


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3 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

Cement factory is a good news, hopefully it will bring down cost of building 

Cement is one of the top 10 commodities that Somaliland currently imports. If Somaliland can eliminate the top 10 things it imports by manufacturing them in the country, that would go a long way in balancing the Trade.


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SomTuna to open doors in Berbera. Probably one of the largest Tuna process plants in Africa. At its full capacity, it can process 400 tons of Tuna each day. It is assumed that 3000 people will be directly employed at the factory. It will also create an additional 12 - 15 thousand indirect employment. A huge feat, in my opinion. 

SomTuna will operate its own fleet of Fishing-trawlers up-to 100 Ton.



Warshad soo saari doonto kalluunka oo lagu tilmaamay tan ugu weyn ee Geska Africa ayaa lagu wadaa inuu dhawaan xariga looga jaro magaalada Berbera.




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