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According to the same mindset, I wouldn't be surprised if they come here and tell us that the Anti-Piracy Force that is operating off the coast of Somalia led by the EU is also comes under Farmaajo.  

The 5 youth that died in Turkey were all graduates from local Universities. Obviously, they went on their migration journey not b/c they had to leave their own homes due to conflict migration. The reality is that these youth have Ego problem - there is a lot of work available. Not the work they probably qualified for, but non the less work is available. So essentially, they cannot be categorised as 'economic migration' either. Rather I think they are suffering from 'Ego migration'

The truth is, Europe is not the Europe of 10 years ago. Today, Europe is teeming with refugees from many different global conflicts from Syria, Iraq, Lebenon etc all the way to Afghanistan and Iran.

As well as from all walks of life from Africa - the West Africans (Libya, Mouritania, Western Sahara, Mali, NIger, Nigeria, Camaroon etc) make up almost 60% of the people who arrive on boat in Europe.  The percentage from East Africa has been decreasing since the Libyan civil war.

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it’s not that simple, even if GDP is increasing does not mean that it leads to more opportunities for those unemployed or higher wages for those employed. One the many factors pushing young people in to migrating is the increasing inequality between those living in poverty and wealth. And often in large urban cities these two are living in close proximity, making the increasing levels of inequality the more glaring and pushing even more youngsters to seek their fortunes elsewhere. 

And economics is only one factor, another important factor is lack of hope and lack of leadership that instills hope (Rajo) and inspires to imagine and work for a better future, things can start looking very bleak. 


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