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  1. I've given several weeks to play every ones scenarios in my head but as i did the more shyt i almost find my self in. I like how every one expressed their honesty,appreciate it greatly. However i've came into a full conclusion. Would you like to know? o.k.. Week after i've posted this we went out on a cofe' to discuss this matter,for it was sudden interuption that had happened in a suprise. As we sat there,talking about other shyt,loughed about a joke i made,than sudden silence overcame, she glanced at me and asked,so what do you think? i replied ,,think about what,,.? she said this hole thing? i said, i can't think,it went too quik for me to react.. than she said stop bullshytting,,And tell me.. i said you wanna know the truth..? i'm still at suprised that it happened. "I know she wanna hear about how i was tossing a and turning in bed,wondering and thinking about her all the time,how she was on my mind all time like all day and night,how i heard her name and blah blah,"which is the truth, But my ego or what ever it is, won't let me spill that out so end up telling her, Sis. my gear is in neutral, i can stand still, move forward, or even reverse, all depending on you,..that was Dumb i know..some body had to call it.Best be it me.At that same moment this song play in my head by MUSIQ SOUL CHILD,"I just want my freind now we " i think" are back on out feet, handling our life.same as before talk about normal shyt. I'm back in my school,hollering at no cost with no heart behind it, all game no gimmiks... has it ended? or maybe is just the beggining?
  2. Eid mubarek.. This a true event that happened, and also taken course many times in this life, but however it is the first time it had crossed with mine. I've noticed in past topics,such as can girl be a friend with a guy or vice versa,and i've heard of all kind of reasons why it wouldn't or would work. But once again unless you play that scenario in real life you would not know what to make out of it, which now brings me to my topic... Crossing the Line, I've had freind relationship with a sista for over 7 beautiful yrs up and down as we both went through trials and turbelances helped each otha on the most downing moments,we were so close of freinds that she would be the only one i would call to ask of some sort advises with the complicated mood swinges of some of the other sista's,she would the same vise verse, as my years were going by as i was on my journey to make my self a man,i once stumbled over and found my self in the hands of one of her closes girl friend which two yrs of my life went to her.But still no matter what this sister was there with me, she tells me slowdown when i was on the fast line as all went on on on freindship lasted,But this past new yrs eve, things took diffrent spin than normal.As always we would hung out as big group friends her girls my guys and whatever else or whoever else gets dragged into it we just would have fun and nothing more,so as we were on partying she looked stunning as always,and ofcource the brotha wasn't looking that bad either,i smooth talked some of the ladies there, dancing chilling kickin' N' scremING, i approached my frined as always i would give her hard time or what not, picked her out of her will brough her to the dance floor for she can almost keep up with my hyper a$$, reggea after reggea,crunk after krumping than came the slow dance, we normally don't do that shyt, we continued on it anyway,south side chicago steppers salsa swingin' were getting stepping in to music like a maze when you finally now edges to it,smoot after smooth moves than BAM,held her like she stepped out of a scene of that movie dirty dancing, with patrick swazem she glanced at me and smilled i smiled back back continued on, the dance floor got empty every went on. with theirs late night partner upz,so as the places around us got empty we just conmtinued on dancing and later i start it thinking strange like what if....?than i said, naah,but the longer she stayed around the more tepmting i got just to lean over,i've never felt like that before,i'm lying i did once before,lol, but not this strong and than out of the blue.a song sang by tank came on,and i can't explain everything but we just ended up kissing as if one of gone too long,no words for that whole night, basically two days later, appointment to talk over what happen the night before, and as we talked about we said, it is better let that be bygone and just keep what we always had and agreement, and that right after again,we just wamt it, and is been like that for three days, everytime try to make apology to one another, for this is not worth it, and horrible i am with relatioships, we go at it once more,... so the questions here is when do you not cross the line, or?
  3. Theory

    Who Am I ?

    Excellent work.. Can i borrow some of the lines in here. If you don't mind. Thank you.
  4. Lately i've been hearing racial dicrimnation to the somalis in Maine, About how they walked in to a state where 97% of the Population are white. In fact maine is know as to being the second larges Populated with white. I have a Article to share with every one, SOMALIANZ
  5. TenaciousJ-I agree, I like their music too. Thye speak on behalf of the young and old very expressive with their lyrics. great Job Guys..
  6. WILDCAT ...I suspect though that if you dig around in enough'll find some interesting accessories. Me personally...I'm frightened...they look pretty dangerous...a girl could do herself an injury with one of those. I'm loughing Just as any one in the room. It's just Human desires i guess, the lust on all that other fetish feelings that accur in the body, Even though your innocent you find your self doing dirty filthy things, your mind forbids you to do But than again is a habit, or "Sexual Frustrations" In somali>>"KAcsi syndrome"... I hope we all be forgiven for our sins......