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A simple word to the ears,

Hard to cope through the years,

Some live it in high class,

While others live it in high trash,

Me? I'm just tryna get by,

Every wrong turn I try to make it right,

I get stronger through every sacrafice,

Although there are times that I cry,

But, that's the ups and downs of life,

I don't commit big sins, to make me be heard,

Although I ain't perfect, but I'm close to the word,

Too little is too little, too much is too much,

I didn't gain alot, but I gained enough,

Looking around brothers and sisters changed,

From living it hard, they living it grave,

All these new sicknesses, drugs and money,

Others see us as animals, aint that funny?

Back home, he lost his mom because the war against his country,

Right here, she lost her dad because his lungs weren't healthy,


Yes life becomes deadly,

Even in a place that's wealthy...

"I feel like I'm falling...when will I drop?"

"My hearts beating to fast...when will it stop?"

Thats Life.


Hope I'm not to late icon_razz.gif


.:peace n luv:.

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WeLL Done:DeadLyVision, MsWord, diamond princess, and Chosen One-I see that something has poetic skiLLz fLowing nowadayz-keep it up.

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vision..deep..nuff said



my poetic tongue wets ma poetic mind....

as i envision the depth of the feeling inside....

dominating these dark clouds overshadowing...

skull opens az its cracking...

velocity bounds these phrases...

running thru ma mind , dam thought it faded..

back in the dayz,this hard life took a back seat..

relaxed azif am being massaged wit sesame oilseed

releasing these tension pent up inside..

as it is about to erupt, who can decline?..

Long past the stories of our ancestors...

telling it wit weakness but valour...

i drunk it all in,digesting the undigestable..

like this metaphor am typing,am i enabled....

to hope fo a conclusion...

sweet like nector fusion..

green like the earth that feeds us..

red like the depth of the sun settin, must b luck

calm n content like the colour blue...

take a deep breath n plz lets us all fuse....



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