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Aiight show me ur skillz

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Dis here is a poetry game, read wud i put and then add on to it aiight lets see how long we can keep this up...

U gotta right about urself,etc.likes dislikes shyt like dat...


aiight y'all here goes,

I respect everybody except playas n hoez.

I'm cute as hell,

and fine as can be.

I gotta say i'm thck,

wit a thug booty.

I'm not really good at this poetry thing,

I enjoy kickin it n i love to sing.

I love my somali people all ova the world,

And i gots love 4 every man,woman, boy n gurl.

I'm from a country thats real far away,

but i'm reppin dat country every gotdamn day.

Oh i almost 4got i love to play ball,

aiight my peeps 4 now dats all...



Tell me bout yourself.

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Basic,Speak through rhyme'




starting with name of the supreme

I step in a scene

where poets comin clean

is obscene,traped in dream

white all around high beam

shinin' bright and a gleam

like my name is hakim

from extreme dream team

should've seen the inner theme

had it locked, like saddams regime

dark scheme inside of me

was lost lust couldn't redeem

my two brothaz kareem and Ibrahim

are two Apposite gene

one is fourteen

and the other eighteen

One "ehlu deen"

the other not seen

one is lean

the otha lazy prik teen

one dine'z at chinese cuisine

and one @ corrine'feild bean

one fein for caffiene

the otha on some nicotine

with no vaccine

weird routine

but though one common scheme

they both convene

is thing about the color green

and they both wear blue jeans

they both respect me,i'ma mean machine

I knock out like, i'm in'A thrilla in manilla scene

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