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let's all RYHME!!

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not once did u mention

your love for me and your devotion.

Na, but the concept is a notion

No time to stand still, follow the motion

Its a new light,new life, new day

Step out in the sun,ya cant hide away



If the people in the middle address the evil a little

i'd fiddle w/ death like Evil knevil

Evil aint nothing but good turned round

With that news, jump, spin, touch the ground

Dont you worry, and dont you cry

And with this last rhyme, I'mma say bye bye


:D wicked rhymes, keep it coming people...



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this little rhyme is from a family member of mine..(my lil bro) who..i luv it...itz stupid it goes...letz pretend he's talkin' to Instinct poet (nuttin' but luv 4 ya onda realz.. :D )



uh..uh...ur face is dirty...ur rhymez are nerdy...betta step back be4 i smack u down like a ba'mitton' birdy...loooooooooool..i luv it..


herez anotha


ur wackass hell

ur rhymez so geeky

more than screech in SAved by the


loooooooooool..there goes our future "rappers"...sad

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Ill rhyme

with lyrics Super Sublime


Makin it in time

To take over

This stinkin old rhyme


It seems as though ur lyrics are fine

But to this lyrical mind

Their nothing but disposable grime


Now lets change my style a bit

So I can hit with some magical shit


My lyrical game is incredible

Ill cross u with a syllable after syllable


Jump shots formed empirical

Resulting from hands with strange miracles


A mind more devastating

More then my fists when levitating


Then the suspense mounts to the brim

Ur shakin askin how ull be able to swim


The Climax Hits


After which Ill hit you with some shock and awe

Leavin you a broken jaw..


Continuously screamin






Beat that...... smile.gif





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freestyle freestyle bruth J watcha got


1,2 put the beat and bump this in ya head


now seriously dont' get dellusional

absurd and disfuntional

i wanna show ya'll what it takes to breath and bake/ to walk to the lake/ the rake of leaves and smell of the cake/ ha i wanted to kick for yah a flow simple and dim/ enought to catch shaq at the rim/ i love the ballad/ that *sh was sour like sallad/ but youngDUNN back up in this/ so get cho grill and grub grab yo cheatos and doritos'/ we havin a picnic one like no other/ sit and sizzle hot under the sun it's summer/ no need for a hummer u got me HUN/ love like u never loved shove plates and feed mouths/ whats a pleasure and when u got amnesia/ oh leave the reafers and dead creatures(ill'mcs)/come and enjoy and party with the MPLS fam/ i promise it won't be no sham/ no one night *sh no lights OUT party out lets get out *sh/ i'm bout fun now let's get in perspective / get to the fun and watch the SKY- N play frisbee / go hide n seek / take a leak behind trees watch for the park five-0'S THO. we havin the PICNIC OF OUR lives come join and stay the night/ HON love WUN love SUN love PERFUME and glossy LUV wont' cha stop by me later on the week/ catch the matrix RE-/ AND FLEE our fate/ throw away what we've meant to eat and dine off our work and lick the plates/ don't be shy;N'sigh :( ,/JUST DON'T BE LATE smile.gif

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Hold up!

I bake bitter cakes topped with icing salty

From 2 cups of my tears… yuck

Fouzia_Bella mentioned devotion

Is it loyalty, fidelity or

Another superstitious notion?

Yeah, I was promised that too

Then found myself in dark corners

Shedding tears like a fool

Drunk on love's blinding potion

I forgot to be sensible then

Got sucka-punched by devotion


A woman scorned

Hellish fires burn in me

Briefly I mourned

Now revenge is what I seek

So I plot evil

War-paint marks my cheeks

Getting ready to cause upheaval

Burn the house down

And get psychotically medieval


Exchanging the bridal gown

For a suit of armour

Gonna reclaim my stolen crown

Sword drawn for a fight

But in the midst of this clamour

And ruckus by a queen of the night

Someone's whispering in my ear

Satanic verses he recites


He once took pleasure in my tears

Now he erased my fears and

Fuels my needless pride

Places a sword in my hand

Of my emotions he takes command

But would rather see me dead & buried

In fiery desert sands

He beams with delight

When he hears my war-cries

And witnesses my plight

As I gallop to my demise

You can bet your last peso

The Devil's gonna be dancin' tonight




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i wanna dance to some crazy beat

let my moves make you feel the heat

but i can’t cause im stuck....


in this jungle of hyenas

I, the gazelle still stand

no one knows how,

lost in his shine, i believed he was fine

his shadow even excited the fan in me

though his words never reached my soul

his lips spoke my language

young and blinded by his light

I honestly thought he was right

wrong I was indeed

cause in the mist of his greed my heart still bleeds

they say mistakes happen and life is a *****

dust yourself off and keep trying again

but what if your blocked by pain

and the first is like the last

and your heart is the target of stabs

and his words echos like a bad nightmare

it all reminds you of the treatment

beated cheated mistreated, now is that fair

shit! the scares i still bare

my mother told me i was gold diamond and pearl

to the sight of any mortal,very much rare

maybe his sight isn’t right, in need of a prescription

maybe im wrong in need of a new luv definition

but its just another maybe, another honey, another cold night.

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when the night s are cold and days are dark

some look around for the light

they start dreaming of a certain feeling

desperately wanting, even praying...



In need of this crazy feeling

that got some bleeding

I decided to add to 1

maybe my heart he will put on a high rate

maybe my mind he will stimulate

the search began, Zion was officially hunted

truly wanted and very much needed

blinded by my hopes I pointed my arrow

in the hopes of findind a fly one

instead I got cheated and felt on a black crow

despite the obvious 1 still got added to 1

and so the addition began

at first the sky was blue

and every sentenced ended with you

emotions got quickly thick

and I became more then just another chick

mathematically my heart beats multiplied

despite the beautiful scene

in his eyes I could see the scheme

even in the best light he made me feel less then bright

but see I was high on my hopes

drugged by my dreams

the drums of my heart was multiplying by the minute

the tempo was made loudly yet genuinely

through a fog of deceit I still stood

hoped for this emotional weather to become better

but soon the simple addition got multiplied and 1 got bitter

a substraction was badly needed

so 1 chosed happiness over lust

and today 1 smiles like the sunrise, trust!

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oh I can ryhme to

knick knack paddy wack

ok ok ok

Msword 's rattles and instinct tattles

While tenaciously holding to his neverending love for Benevolent girl

Filled with harmony and blessed with angels

All this metaphors are beautiful but can turn deadly like a matador facing a bull

Similar to a vision of a murder she wrote

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and the beat goes on


she looks around

notices him,intellect

he bears his soul

jumps the boat and swims half way

skips to the right and blows her a kiss

the dance of fire they shall dance

till this nite

i awaite his answer

a beat unanswered

brothel at the italian whorehoue

seek refuge in anything

escape the feeling

the dirty stain he has left

a tubula rasa her heart was

skidded to the apex

shaped to perfection

he sought her eys, engaged her mind

breathed her oxygen

untill he drank her all

erased her true identity and left a red spot

what started out as a hindi shugaansi

intiated by a smile and wink

brought her to the empty rhymes of sleepless nites

searched for her spot in SOL

completion she sought

hunger she felt

longer she wrote

shorter the lines got

skip ahead and finish her thought

dare you she did

add your two cents

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why put in 2 cents and not save up for main events

The main even has now appeared "I" The mental paradox should not be feared though the path for me should now be cleared this little bit is just a taste, a taste of what's to really come

I urge whomever is next please proceed

I will not big up myself and concede

I hope one day to gain support

but for now I must Abort

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u might as well abort it

ur mood

ur mind

ur visionz

u know imma distort'em

u might as well support em (mine)

u might as well deport'em (urz)

u might as well cry n' call to supreme court'em

u know u can't afford'em

financially support'em

u refugee


or else

INS will escort'ya

2 Somalia i'll deport ya



remind u of any1?

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here to percolate your ears is the lyrical genius/with melodious rhymes finely tuned to permeate through your cerebral cortex/so gather around n let me take u on vision to a land freem from isms/ n ceo with paws extending over oceans/ my first question/ how come in this land of plenty/ i see so many needy/ so kick back relax n reflact on dat/ n tomorrow will have a little chat.



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B4 we have that chat~

Let point an answer to where its at!

In a land with plenty filled with lot of needy!

It could be they got rich pockets and poor minds-

But 'm worried 'bout my peeps bck home hopping land mines...

is why I can't think of the greedy!

He got a million bucks, but still needs me :mad:

Should know better, 'm Somali-

4da F-of-it I get lazy act crazy...chew

and take nothin' but SHAB- shab...

Just so I can chill and chat Ahlan-wasahlan with fellow shabaabs...Chillin' wit' somali girls rockin' hijaabs and Tang-Tops!

Cause we all know up'north was built with a ciminal blue print-

here is my cue hint, look at the worlds CEO fruads!

Hoppin' more than rabbits they be like frogs-

With lot of poli-time-tickin talks...

With time switchin' walks, I close this flops...

Body slam every boss!...

Deport me and give me a free ticket bck home,

I gain' their loss!...

Seeded from the phuck ups-

Signin' off sayin' Phuck Off!

I mean really, when they call for bills I tell 'em

PHUCK OFF! :mad:


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