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  1. thanks all....its a true epidemic in the somali men who live in mn. I don't know other states...
  2. Wonderful...Thanks for the post. May Allah put Qushu in all our prayers and make us of those who are under his shade on the day of reckoning.
  3. Thanks all for the wonderful Qari's. there is this Qari that I love but I don't know his name and I don't have any of his audio. I only have a cd lecture that starts out with him reading. HElp me find him. He reads slow...he takes a long pause btw ayas and stretches it out. His voice is very sharp, clear...mansha-Allah it is amazing. Know of such a qari? let me listen and see... Jazak's.
  4. emmm..just looking at the food pictures makes me crave for Safaari food!! I know where am having lunch tomorrow!!!
  5. He dwells on what happened sits in coffee shops and argues strategic planning; he is the next politician at home, his wife works hard 12 hour shift plus cooking and feeding seven kids all under 12, all hungry for attentinon He dwells on what happened he was the king, the man of the house until one day rebels attacked, took his power lack of security, he can't protect them his children starved as he watched death would have been better he has to be strong he can't cry He dwells on what happened work is no longer important for his manhood is long gone upon entering this new land his wife is the head of the house she makes the money she says what is and what isn't lost are his duties no longer is he depended on He dwells lost soul in a new land hunted by the past sipping his tea he yells politics and rebels are what is important for he must make a difference even by argueing with one's like him who are hunted by their enemies He dwells in the past as his children scream for his attention they make the streets their home no daddy to stop them, no male role model as he relives yesterday he misses today for tomorrow will come with memories of whats gone
  6. Dibshit......i think u just traumatized me for life! I jumped and screamed loud as heck while in the library...can u say embarresing again.
  8. Yes. As sad and disgusting as it is, the US and its "allies" are plainly attacking Islam by killing them by the thousands each day. We are so preoccupied by our life and celebrity news that we don't notice how the war on "terror" is truly affecting us muslims in America. Its tragic. I heard on the radio today that 9 muslim young men were arrested in England for plotting "terrorist" activities. Some shyt huh! The number of muslims imprisoned and dehumanized in Guantanamo is growing. ATtacks in Gaza are occuring hourly. Lebonon residents have been turned against each other and have taken to the streets since the Israeli invasion two months ago. what else? I can go on and on and on about the situation of muslims in the world and the endless death. Allah has said a true muslims will not succeed untill they are a just nation (united). "Thus have We made of you a just (and the best) nation, justly balanced" May Allah perserve us in Islam and make us true believers. May Allah guide us to the straight path; continue to make us a balanced and just nation and provide us with sustinence. I pray to Allah to forgive all of us for our Sins. I pray to Allah to bring justice to the world; to provide protection for the Muslims under attack. IF we all make Duaa to Allah in sincerity and follow our duties us Muslims, only than will we be truly protected by Allah!
  9. Subhanna-Allah. Killing in Iraq is rising so fast and has become so normal..its unbelievable. Everyday I read "12 Iraqis killed", "100 iraqis die in bomb"...and so on. Its scary. Let us ask Allah to help these poor people and provide protection and support from Allah. They're country is attacked, their ppl have been turned against each other, and the US is reaping all the benefits while planning on sending more troops. La-Illaha-Illa-Lah!!! watch this video "Bloody Day in Iraq; school girls killed" @ Let us all pray for peace and stability in Iraq, Palestine, Somalia, Lebonan, Afganistan, Sudan, and all the other nations.
  10. Cadalee: carka iyo canaha geela. Googa: wiilka qaawan qayla dheeraa
  11. A/A, Mansha-Allah, This topic is very interesting to me. I am in my Psychiatric/mental health clinical and I have been working w/ clients who have mental health issue. From an Islamic prospective, I want to tell them to read the Quran, or have the Quran read to them... but of course, I can't say this because of HIPAA laws and all that good stuff. Therefore, I need to educate myself on this from both an Islamic and Somali prospective. I remember when I was a kid, I saw a bunch of sheikh come over to a fams home and read quran, whip, and force tahlil on my cousin. That experience never went out of my head. So when the americans say "spirits", dats in referral to jinni? is there anything else dat can take control of the person? And for schizo, I understand the western medicine explanation for this illness, but how do we face this in Somali culture and Islam? IS it shaitan dat is telling them what to do/ talking to them? If you have somewhere I can get more info or you yourself have knowledge on this....SHARE!!! "O you who belived, fear Allah 'n believe in His Messenger; He will (then) give you a double portion of His mercy and make for you a light by which you will walk 'n forgive you; and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful." [57:28]
  12. "Somalis believe spirits reside within each individual. When the spirits become angry, illnesses such as fever, headache, dizziness and weakness can result. The cure involves a healing ceremony including reading from the Koran, eating special foods, and burning incense." ~is this refering to Wadaado? Is it really spirits? "Mental health care also is a concept new to many Somalis. Traditionally, mental illness is believed to be caused by spirit possession or as a punishment from God. Spiritual healing is required for mental illness. Traditional Somalis viewed people as mentally healthy or mentally ill. They did not see a continuum between the two states." ~does anyone know what kind of spiritual healing this is referring to (I know there is the quran reading with the tasbix water...but what else)? "There are several types of traditional healers in Somali culture. Spiritual healers use religious rituals for healing. General practitioners are skilled in cauterization, minor surgery, blood letting, bone setting, and the use of herbal medications.19 The traditional healers are wise men or women in the community who learned their skills from older family members. Healing techniques include applying a heated stick from certain trees to the skin. This is done for tuberculosis, hepatitis or diarrhea to stimulate the immune system. Herbs and prayer also are used for healing." ~Whats the blood letting? bone setting? What kind of herbal meds do we use besides xabadsowda and xulbad? (and what is xulbad really useful stinks!) Read more about this at: *What other traditional treatments/medicines were used in Somali? are they still practiced? any place I can go to get more info? ~Shukran
  13. If only our love lasted together we'd be holding hands and sharing smiles live forever in each others embrace bringing light into our eyes If only our love lasted tomorrow would only bring happiness yesterday's we'd reminsce what was and will be our love forever strong together, smell the fresh fragrance of blossoming roses If only our love lasted perfect frienship and endless bond we'd have tears of joy we'd only cry like the sweet scent of fresh rain our love would spread and grow If only our love lasted our seeds would be prove of romantic nights with each passing day, it would flourish inspire all to search for their mate If only our love lasted more than anything we'd be each others prove of what is, will be the inspiration for shakespear and alike
  14. !Women's worth? You could buy me diamonds, you could buy me pearls. Take me on a cruise around the world, Baby you know I'm worth it. Dinner lit by candles run my bubble bath, Make love tenderly to last and last, Baby you know I'm worth it. Wanna please, wanna keep, wanna treat, your woman right, Not just do, but to show, that you know, she is worth your time. You will lose, if you choose, to refuse, to put her first. She will, if she can, find a man, who knows her worth, mhmn Cuz a real man knows a real woman, when he sees her. And a real woman knows a real man, ain't afraid to please her. And a real woman knows a real man, always comes first. And a real man just can't deny, a woman's worth. mmm hmmm mmm hmmm mmm hmmm mmm hmmm mmm If you treat me fairly I'll give you all my goods, treat you like a real woman should. Baby I know your worth it. If you never play me, promise not to bluff Ill hold you down when SHIT gets ruff. Baby I know you're worth it. She walks the mile, makes you smile, all the while being true. Don't take for granted the passions that she has for you. You will lose, if you choose, to refuse, to put her, first. She will if she can find a man who knows her worth. oh Cuz a real man knows a real woman, when he sees her. And a real woman knows a real man, ain't afraid to please her. And a real woman knows a real man, always comes first. And a real man just can't deny, a woman's worth. No need to read between the lines, spelled out for you. Just hear this song cuz you can't go wrong, when you value A woman, woman, woman, a woman's worth. Cuz a real man knows a real woman, when he sees her. And a real woman knows a real man, ain't afraid to please her. And a real woman knows a real man, always comes first. And a real man just can't deny, a woman's worth. Cuz a real man knows a real woman, when he sees her.(nothin like a woman's worth) And a real woman knows a real man, ain't afraid to please her.(ooh ooh) And a real woman knows a real man, always comes first.(comes first) And a real man just can't deny, a woman's worth (a woman's worth) Mhmn mhmn mhmn mhmn mhmn mhmn suba duba do'h do'h doodle dee doodle dee ooh Mhmn mhmn mhmn mhmn mhmn mhmn Cherish that woman ooh yeah ~SOL peepz, what' ya'll know 'bout a women's worth?
  15. hey chicas, have you'll tried Romance by ralph L.. that is my fav. even though I tend to sneeze afterwards..i just lub the smell...yum