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Four Lions - the movie

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Controversial movie, but hilariously funny.


"Four Lions thus assembles a bunch of four blokes, including a white Islamic convert and oddball nihilist, Barry; the gormless Waj; Hassan, a naive student; and the hapless Faisal, who can’t blow himself up as his father is sick, so trains crows to fly bombs through windows."


Clcik here for the trailer


The Infidel before this and now the 4 Lions, it's take this p!ss at muslims season




Families of some of the 52 victims of the July, 2005 suicide attacks in London have called for a boycott of a controversial new comedy “Four Lions”, which follows a group of hapless would-be jihadis who target the London marathon. The BBC has quoted two relatives – Grahame Russell and Graham Foulkes — as criticising the movie and calling for cinemas not to show it when it is released on Friday. For Foulkes, although humour has its place in exploring serious issues, the events of five years ago are “still too raw”.

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LOL. If the entire film's funny bits are in the trailer I'd still watch it.


I think the only people it will offend is animal rights activists.

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