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Queen Arawello

My Internet Love

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Strangers online exchanging privates

Wondring online

What were the chances we'd be sharing love

Before the night was through.


Something in your words was so inviting,

Something in you jokes was so exciting,

Something in my heart,

Told me I must have you.


Strangers online, two lonely people

We were strangers online

Up to the moment

When we said our first hello.

Little did we know

Love was just a click away,

A warm embracing click away and -


Ever since that night weve been together.

Lovers at first sight, in love forever.

It turned out so right,

For strangers online. :D


(With apologies to Mr Frank Sinatra).

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I loved Meg Rayan and Tom Hanks in "You've got an Email" and I hated Halle Berry & Bruce Willis in "Perfect Strangers"


Anyway, if the male on the other side of the screen is a somali then technically, naturally & logically, there is nothing called "Internet Love" smile.gif

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^Vaay,What's wrong with somali men?




Nephyst, fulay hooyadiis ma gablanto hee ha i waalin.LOL@License baar :D ,xoog-badaniyaa.

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Bella Princess


Sister if the guy is not in the same country and city as you, I can only be frightened for YOU

Be carefull sister. There are many men who exploit the internet to get away from thier private lives and homes and really tell alot of Bull*hit



Sister no matter what decade or century, Your man would come to your doorstep. Your destiny would arrive and its much better when it comes to you rather than you impatiently running after it! Its just more fun

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