UK compensated civilian deaths with 100 pounds to the surviving family

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Using drone attacks, killing civilians and then compensating the families with amound of a couple of goats. No wonder the taliban humiliated the UK and USA. This begs the question, how many innocent Somalis have been killed by US-drones with inpunity.


The compensation payment is one of hundreds by the Ministry of Defence, revealed for the first time.


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 in Somaliand territories in the forties and fifties, the British used to pay a three dozen or more camels to compensate Somalis deaths. As times go by the value of humans goes down with the time.  I guess the Bashtunes are cheap according to the British.

The Somali human value also goes down as you go from west to east and north to south. In Awdal we have one to four murders a year.  it goes up as you reach Haergeisa which is still moderately law despite the big city, and it gets worse when you reach Bari( Togdheer Sanaag and Sool). Then, it slows down little bit as you reach Nugaal , then it goes up in  Mudug, the land of trouble makers. When you enter Galgaduud, the Al shbabaab country stars all the way to Mogadishu and deep south. 

Blood always flows injustice and greed. 

There were good times, but most tribal Somalis will tell you that Somalia was hell in the seventies and eighties where social crimes were almost zero. Even in the middle of eighties, criminals might rob you at night without hurting you. We might have political violence from time to time , but we never had street violence.

The good times are not coming back.                                                                        

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