Socdaalka ra'iisul wasaaraha

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SOMALIA relations with the world is in the gutter thanks to farmaajo and kheire

Egypt for the past 4 years before the bad diplomatic ties with Farmaajo have been supporting the Somali National Army with light arms and ammunition to fight Alshabab. 

While Ethiopia on the other hand supported the destabilization of Somalia and puppet regional leaders.

So far PM Rooble is doing very good restoring the broken relations caused by farmaajo.



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2 hours ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:


Ninkaan waxa kaliya meesha loo keenay inuu kor kaga warqabo xulashada (selection). Laakiin wax aanan howshiina ahayn ayuu faraha la galay. Shalay Kiikuuyada ayee ahayd, maantana Masaarida.



Next on the itinerary is the UAE.

What say you Mudane Ghuduu-gadhaa?😂

  • Haha - That was funny. You made me laugh! 1

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Isn’t this the PM, the Head of Government? What’s wrong with him doing foreign missions restoring the diplomatic ties that Farmaajo seemed to have wrecked. Specially during a crucial phase in which Somalia needs international support in its negotiations with the AU led AMISON force on a new mandate. 

Or would you rather want AMISOM to expand its mission with a mandate to interfere in Somalia’s internal politics? 

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