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Next Phase of Ethiopia's Civil War: Tigray vs Amhara

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If the TPLF takes over Dessie, Wallo one of the largest cities of Amhara region, then that is a game changer. If the Ethiopian federal forces don't reverse this defeat or set back quickly, the Abiy regime is in danger.

A Hareri friend of mine says that thew TPLF is awash with millions of American dollar bills and they are distributing the cash to Oromo and Amhara officers to abandon their positions. Also, refugee camps had been set up to welcome fleeing Ethiopian soldiers in Sudan , Djibouti all the way to Somaliland. Something fishy is going on here.

The Abyssinian side of Ethiopia is burning while the rest of the other seven ethnic regions from Beni Shangul, Sidamo, Somali, Gambella, Oromia and Afar are relatively save. America had set up its shop in Sudan to finance the rebel Tigray movement to unseat Abiy Ahmed .The target is Eritrea and Amhara. If these two are subdued, the TPLF will partner with Oromo and rule the horn of Africa again.

The Sudanese coup might change the equation of the war. The overthrow of the western educated technocrat prime minister of Sudan Mr. Hamdok who spread headed financial reform and the lifting of sanctions from Sudan could create serious disagreements with America and other western democracies. Despite millions of aid poured by the USA, Sudan  is facing extreme economic hardship. It is too early to asses the intentions of general Al Burhan. He is either changing directions or he just shuffling the chairs in the deck of the soon sinking ship. 





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It's the nature of Ethiopia when it comes to politics no two groups trust each. The current situation is choice between disintegration or oppressive rule by one group.

Major developments. Check below.

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