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The Rocks Chick

Dating you have any?

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Is there a dating rule that you follow everytime you go out with someone new, or do you improvise? If so, please share with us.


I improvise according to who I am going out with, however, I have a golden rule that I never break, I ALWAYS LOOK GOOD ;)


Seriously, someone told me recently; She always kisses on the 1st date, and when I asked her why, she said "if I dont like the way that person kisses, or there is no chemistry I dont wanna waste my time with them again".

I must say, I was intrigued by that response.


Say your peace nomads.... :D

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I only have two dating rule


1.i don't tell anyone who iam going date with

2 I always give the guy a hug at then end of the date and thank him no matter what even if i had the worst time in my

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Ok since you asked, let me be an expert for freaking sec ok.


Here's 3 big time must follow rules Ok fellas.


1) Do not come on heavy -- keep it light


This means: Don't tell her how pretty she is or how much you like her, or that you'd like to see her again. Keep it positive Branden. Keep her laughing. Give her no more than one compliment per date. No gifts and no flowers, all of which she experiences as appeals for her approval. (Don't try to impress her.) Don't talk about your feelings for her or your romantic Interest Level [degree of love]. Instead, let her wonder where she stands with you. Remain mysterious.


2) Do not touch her -- let her do all the touching


If a girl likes you, she will automatically begin to touch you and will increase the frequency of touching as she spends more time with you. If you try to raise her Interest Level by touching HER a lot, your actions will backfire. You will inhibit her impulse to touch YOU. She will begin to feel uncomfortable, and she will withdraw from you. Most guys have absolutely no understanding of this principle of romantic relationships. Believe it or not, the less you touch her, the more she will want to touch you.


3) Do not mention or hint at the topic of sex.


Way too many guys have a terrible habit of talking about sex on a date. If you start trying to get your date turned on by talking about sex, you will turn her off! Yes. I said, you would turn her off. Even if she makes jokes or hints about sex, don't jump on it like most guys do. Instead, playfully steer her away from the topic. Trust me, this will work to your advantage.


if you begin practicing these 3 simple principles from "The System", your love life will improve immensely and you won't have to go down in flames ever again.


Remember guys, start with the basics.


For more info, just ask like The Rock's Chick did.


Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.

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I must agree with you on rules #2&3, bulls eye.

However, I object to rule#1 (no flowers, and no a NO NO). Gifts on 1st date can be overlooked ( it is a bit much.....but by all means stop by Godiva ).


I appreciate little mystery but please dont over do it, it becomes boring. :eek:


And since we are giving advice " Guys dont talk about yourself all nite".



do you practice what you preach? if so, how successfull are you on a scale 1 to 10 (1 being least ).



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Mobb, too many DO NOT's... sup with that... c'mon now...


Dating rules by Kool_Kat...


1. I ALWAYS have to smell good.

2. Dress accordingly (Don't wear jeans if you're

going to dinner in a nice restaurant)

3. Don't talk about myself a lot

4. Depending on how much I like the guy, end the

date with a hug, and may be a little kiss (to

make him go hmmmmm)

5. Wait for him to call. If he doesn't call, oh

well life goes on...


That's it for now...

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For me I would have to say, definitely a well groomed gentleman.


1- very nice teeth (I dont like ilko dheere guys)

2- smell good

3- and stimulating conversations.


I don’t like.


1- sweating guy who look like he have been chasing checking in a farm

2- picking nose

3- rainbow cloths

4- dirty nails.

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OK..mobb deep.. believe me those are the ONLY rules a dude needs.,.period.


my rules..sheet i don have any coz ...i am me and she has to love me for me...ight.

but i definetly love to see a well dicplined mature date...a no no if u talk too much and will go.."check plis"

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Mobb_Deep, 2-thumps up 2 U...those were some real useful dating tips...for the guyz ofcourse!


Personally, I hate guys who talk about themselves and how hard they work blah blah. I also cant stand sensitive dudes who pour their heart out to me.


I like to have fun and dread "serious" talks since I can never be serious, there are always these funny thoughts at the back of my head and when I say them in the middle of a "serious" discussion, the guyz get :mad:

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# Rule is Personal hygiene.

Meaning u gotta smell good and fresh breath not bad one that makes go "Did some body say TicTac". Seriously a lot of peeps out there don't even know if they have a bad breath or not. Trust me you could look so good and dress so well but if I can't come close 2 you and whisper your ears due to bad breath "HOUSTON we got problem"....


Later my Nomads

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Naasir, afkaaga caano lagu qabay... Ohhh you can't begin to imagin how much I hate bad breath... Walaahi, matag aa i qabto... And I am not the type of person to offer a gum or Tic Tac... I try to hold my breath... I breath out while they talk, and then breath in when they stop talking (if they ever do)...


Can't stand it... Ohhhhh, dangggggg... Let me go brush my teeth

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Ok now that was for the Faarax's


Now here comes the rules for Xaliimos


Please pay very close attention coz you only get one chance OK.


#1: Be a creature unlike any other!

What we mean is : Don't give up all you stand for in order to get your man. If you treat yourself with respect and dignity, you'll find the same feelings reciprocated..........


#2: Don't take the first step!

Don't talk to him first. Don't ask him to dance. Don't be the first one to call. (No further explaination required here...)


#3: Don't Stare!

Don't stare at men or talk too much. There could be an element of practical wisdom here!


#4: Patience Patience!

As we said in Rule # 2 - Don't call him and rarely return his calls. 'The Book of Rules' demands patience with a vengeance!


#5: Be Busy- or Act it!!

Always end phone calls first. Even if you have nothing on your hands, try to sound busy, think of the garden, the birds... anything!


#6: Meet but not often!

Don't accept a Saturday night date after Wednesday. We warned you; 'The Book of Rules' calls for a lot of patience....


#7: Get busy - Get a life!!

Fill up your time before a date. An extension of Rule 6 about trying not to sound too desperate for the man you desire.


#8: Be the first one to say GOOD NIGHT!!!

Always end the date first. As in Rule 5, come up with ways to call it quits before he has reason to do so.


#9: If the gift is not good - STOP DATING HIM

Stop dating him if he doesn't buy you a romantic gift for your birthday or Valentine's Day. Understand this one, please! Just visualise the number of toasters and vacuum cleaners you may end up getting stuck with. At a deeper level, it's also a reflection of the way men view women.


#10: Not more than twice a WEEK!

Don't see him more than once or twice a week. This may seem too much like the wednesday-saturday rule - but this means no dropping into office, no 'stopping just to say Hi!', and no passing by his house by 'sheer coincidence!'


Waryaa Xaliimoos ya'll are welcome Ok please don't mention. Those were the top ten for all the Xaliimoos, well atleast the ones i have experience with you know.


More to come============Just ask ok

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Thank You...I think, since this is my post, I figure on behave of Xaliimos "as you put it", we thank you.


It seems to me that Rule #1 for Faarax, and Rule #9 for Xaliimo, are in direct do you solve that OH Master.


Again, Thanx


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