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Ur a Somali when ur:

-Being told what too do by ur parents until ur dying day...

-Cursed for marring a different tribe from ur parents..

T-alked about by the Community if u aint married by the time ur 30..

-Following culture and not religion when it suits ur parents

-Being proud even if ur ignorant..

-Talking 2 the person next 2 u like they are on the other side of the receiver in Somali



How can u spot the Somali a male???

-Big forehead.

-Skinny ankles.

-Bird chest.

-Dental treatment needed badly..



How can u spot the Somali female?

-Huge buttocks..

-Big forehead..

-Diana was applied..

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To me be being a Somali means


* Always looking out for one another

* Appreciating eachothers faults ( and usually

gossiping about them :D )

* Loving my people to an unhealthy level

* Believing in ALLAH swt, almighty and devine.

* Always and I mean always being the right one in

argument :rolleyes: u know I'm right....


The above are just a few things that came to mind, but let me just mention one thing if I was given the power to be anything other then Somali I would simply say 'I'm already the best that I can be, thanx but no thanx'.

Struggle together then laugh together. ;)

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Being a Somali=

-Ppl who luv each other, and hate each other at the sametime...

-The most racist ppl on the face of this Earth...

-Ppl who care so much of what others think of them...

-Ppl who enjoy others success, but mostly their failures...

-Ppl who respect their elders, even if they are not related...Alwayz calling elders Abti/Adeer or Eedo/Habaryar...Luv that in us...

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i love my generation...

but yall still come up with the stupidest thangs in life..


its our generation.lives changes.culture dont..but that dont mean..yall shouldnt follow ya dream to be the best...


old people make argue..but i listen and never take a negative message...


negative message=telling me what to do when i know that shit aint gonna help me.

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Miss lexus sis...

* always looking out for eachother

Don't know about yourself but I happen to help out other malis who are in need of help whether I know them or not. So it's not a total lie, just depends on you, and what you see around you.

Just thought I'd add, nice nic @che, great man he should of wrote somethin' a lil' che like instead of the negative view, good to know you wouldn't want to change though.

See the glass as half full ppl,think of the alternative...

salams ;)

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