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Classic Nomad Quotes

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tell you what?, i have found the perfect memorable quote of yours. Perhaps the best[maybe after NINYabans and Opins].


Could someone, please inform this poor misguided hag that blinding unsuspecting folks with her skeletal figure, isnt something a sane person does! Furthermore, since when has having a flat chest (or "two asprins on an ironing board" as I like to call em) become enviable? **Looks confusedly around at the gathered crowd**

Classsicccc :D

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Dang, underdog, those were in my younger days. When I was young, stup!d and in love. *sigh*. How I have grown. :D


Kale *pulls up sleeves* Now lets dig up the dirt on you precious.


Disclaimer: The names of the said victims will be edited to protect their privacy & save them from further embarassment and trauma.




Precious this one is ----. You have defended the sister by pointing out her lack of understanding and sensitvity towards others suffering...specially ones hailing from her claimed-country of origin. Classy!

NGONGE, the only think you managed to achieve is lightly(when we all know ur a hefty man) dance around the subject and pretend to be a light fairy hovering over and guiding us. :rolleyes:

I love this one! Hehehe.


Mutakalim, although you can be condescending and patronizing almost all the times, I think you're the most edited Nomad on the site - from Islamic, Women to the Poetry section, I've seen your posts disappear faster than my pay checks and thats a bleeding shame. If the verbal vomit of some the others can be given a place in internet pages, yours should be too

I shant dignify your incessant weeping with further comments.



It's awfully clear that you don't have the first idea about what you are attempting to discuss. You're not only blind, but you also seem to be irrational. In any case, I do believe this is proving to be too taxing for you. Perhaps you should retire and play with you hijabed barbie dolls.



I really hate it when people hide behind little things to justify their actions. Some times it is better to be honest about your feelings instead of hiding behind pseudo self righteousness. I suggest you drop this facade of a goodwill ambassador for the people, and say what you have come here to say. Just get it off your chest for ones and for all and let us be done with it. I, for one am quite bored with your little act of the indignant maiden.

I can’t help but feel sorry for you. Your pathetic, aimless arguments combined with your hardly veiled insults say more about you and your attitude than anything I could have done

P.S. Zeph, sorry to burst your bubble but I've edited some of my really nasty ones. Orders of therapist. Sue me :D

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Women and Cars...



If men chose wives with the same attention as cars, more marriages would succeed.

I'm NOT a mechanic. So I have no intention of acquiring a faulty vehicle and refurbishing it. I'd rather do my research on mileage, features, capacity and cost and get one that won't require constant tweaks and part replacements.

The six-month solution is like taking a banged up car to a collision shop....they might fix it up real nice but its never as good as new.

Captain Caveman at his best...



You want to give Faarax something to show appreciation... do something useful for him. Go to his place and do his laundry or cook him some hilib.

Convince me you're not a lesbian man-hating bra-burning psychotic woman with no feminine grace.

You girls need to stop trying to "b!tchify" your men

Career is a feminist lie.

Does the word "SUPPORT" mean anything to you? only one captain per ship, please and thank you

Who ever said women peak in their 40s LIED. The only man who wants to marry a successful 35 yr old woman is an opportunist who couldn't build something for himself.

And finally, my two personal favourites...


I know fillet mignon every day can be tiring and some times you wanna sneak off for some nyam choms....but brother please, the only way you're catching some loose tail in Dubai is if she's invoicing you at the end of the night.

I refuse to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.

Pheww...UD, you rock! :D

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... Yeah, dagnabit...and I'll stand by it all


Thats just a sample of the UD Greatest Hits Collection, Call with a credit card in the next 30 mins and we'll throw in Some of the new titles such as the instant classic:

-"She couldn't organize a tea party with out a nervous break down"

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LOL@Zep. Dang! That was explosive. :D:D


Some more...



You don't believe she's made her point, eh? Dear Chauvinist, perhaps you would feel differently if your ar
e was the one getting swiped. Shall I get my MasterCard out?



No, you misunderstand. He's not an arsehole because he's by-passing me, he is one simply because he is a man. Its inherent and instinctual and not about me at all.


You haven't seen anything yet Mister. I was kind enough to let you keep on daydreaming, laakin I changed my mind. I meant the living ones are jackarses (too big of an arsehole) and the rest are dead. There isnt a middle ground. And since you aren't dead...shall I leave it off for you to finish the thought, or is your mental capacity for such a task too small?

I had to dumb down my question for your itty-bitty brain power, generated by the three remaining malnourished brain cells, to grasp.


Pity it takes four brain cells to "grunt and scratch".

And one of my fave:




Why go abroad for a 'broad' aka a Xalimo/Xaas?




- She will be Debt free , meaning she can stay home and be a housewife instead of running for the tube or bus in the morning with you.

Kheyr has time and again campaigned for the debt-free woman since. :D:D

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Here is two of my fav..Quotes..


Rudy:….one of the rare cases you'll see him geting serious…^


“dont where u at, but here in the west, the divorces are inestigated by women 80% of the time~ seen so many ppl sista just jump off the cliff!! ,,,na xagada u socota!! bal joog! margasay madhaxa ruxda!! iinyoo!! couple of yrs later, u see hear next to some loser! looking like trash!! why why!!!! it beats me!!!â€



"We don't need old evil or new evil. What we Somalis need is authentic Islam. Not sects like qadariya and saints. So long as we don't let Islam unite us and heal our pains am afraid more heartaches are awaiting us.â€

...Oh and Sucdi...sista i know you are a new member, but plz don't suppress such a mind...the masses have an appetite for it..

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"quote:You want to give Faarax something to show appreciation... do something useful for him. Go to his place and do his laundry or cook him some hilib."



Well, they do that for a fact.





That is because it is easier on the mind and soul to be loved than be in love. What if the person you want isn't available? That is the case more often than not. And if you find moving on simple, some don't, so they would rather be not the ones who harbour more of the dreaded feeling. Hope that clarifies the comment a little :D

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Qac Qaac   

bismillaah.. gabar dhaheesa waa in uu alaabta u ween yahay.. oo xattaa banaanka la soo taagan.. aa wax quote gareeneeso kawarama..

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Qac Qaac   

abaydiis marabo in aan niyada kaa jabiyo.. laakiin waxaan umaleenaa waxaa iska dhac dhacsiisay.. in aad is tiraahdo.. i know what i want.. shuqulkaas yaa u keenee looool..


kaalay laakiin 13yrs old aa sheegeeso yaa waaye.. ani waxaan dhahay kaliya waa taqaan nooh.. ee naga gambiso... haddii kale waala is buujimeen garaa...


p.s. ma gaartay 22 gii.. looool.. is ilaali.. i know what i want, kaama saareesee...

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Seriously, what is Halal Dating???


It's when you say Bismilah before dating and Alxamdulilah when you finish

hehe. Good one.

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