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  1. Inshallah one day, right now im a sophmore majoring in biology and it feels like I've got a long way to go still.
  2. Almas

    A Question

    I try to be generous with whatever I have; im still a student so im broke literally all the time but I try to give whatever I am able. Since I'ved moved away from home for school;whenever I get a chance to go back I definately devote most of it to my family instead trying to meet up with friends... Kruella...I believe since you made a conscience choice to choose a career path that involves helping and serving others versus making money for a company for example you'll still get hasanat. This is just my opinion not some kind of religious fatwa/answer lol
  3. I agree with all the above. I really do believe my parents want me to be happy and only want whats best for me. So if they consider someone to be a looser; then they must be a looser. Sooo looosers stop being looossssers and get ya act together; beacuse im seeing way to many around.
  4. Almas

    Do you Gurls

    Yup, that happens usually when im feeling overwhelmed or have to many people in the house and everyone seems loud and I kick everyone out and take a nap :-D.
  5. I think we're getting carried away here. The question posed was not which job is more difficult, fuffilling, enjoyable,or has the best benefits or whatever. The question was are "housewifes" unemployed...and I think the answer to that is a obvious and simple hell no.
  6. Manshallahhh Everytime I read something like that, about the miracles in the Quran I feel sooo grateful that Im a muslim, and re-affirmed i guess in away about our faith. JZK
  7. looooooool...okayyy so I umm going to avoid sky from now on.... :eek:
  8. thanks abayo, this is a good site
  9. I stil think this show that g.p.a has nothing to do with intellect