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What's your favorite parfumes?

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I love perfume but hate that they are so strong even with one spray. Even if that single spay was into the air and I walk in the mist. I don't like people smelling my scent. I only want someone to smell my scent if they are hugging me. That close.


So I started buying fragrance free body lotions and adding a few sprays of my fav perfumes. Works great. The scent is subtle and all over the body instead of the few place as with perfume/body mist etc.


[Make sure it's fragrance free instead of scent free. Fragrance free means no fragrance of course. But it has an added substance to mask the chemical smell of the lotion ingredients. Scent free smells chemical-ly. Gross.]

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I never pay attention to perfume but, every once in a while, a woman would walk past me and my nose will involuntarily follow her. It’s right there when I would approach her and ask her for the name of the perfume. You may think it’s creepy but most respondents said they were flattered by the compliment.


Of course, I am not a cross-dresser and I only ask so that I could recommend it to my wife or buy it for my female associates.


The last blonde I accosted outside my local new agents as I bought my Saturday paper was wearing Armani code (or something that sounded similar).

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