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I say my Qabil has fought harder for my families'

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Originally posted by Ebyan:

What has Somalia done for you? Personally, I can't think of any thing.

You and 10 million other people.


Originally posted by Ebyan:

My clan, on the other hand, has done
a lot
for me and for that I am ever grateful. There's nothing wrong with loving your tribe. defines "a lot" as "very many, a large number." I won't embarrass you anymore than you've already done to yourself in this thread but kindly share with us a few of those things your tribe has done for you. Write up a list of, say, 5-10 distinct and non trivial items. Items that can easily be associated to something a tribe normally does for its members.


For example, if you ever went to a tribe's school or after-school tutoring program, that would count as an item. If you've ever been to a homeless shelter run strictly by and for your tribesmen, that too would count as an item. A medical clinic run by your tribe's doctors for the benefit of your sick tribesmen. Got a loan from your tribe's bank or credit union that specializes in making small business loans and home mortgages to members of your tribe. You get the idea.


Going to a wedding where all your tribesman show up and hitching a ride home later that night doesn't count. Mommy calling up her nephews to help you move from Dixon to Mississauga doesn't count. Attending a clan meeting and getting that irrational warm and fuzzy feeling that you share much DNA with everyone in the room (though they may as well be chimps for you share 98% of your DNA with those), doesn't count. And the list goes on.


Get to it. And don't come back before you have that list.

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^^^ When her fifth cousin removed drove that pickup into a crowd of people in downtown Boosaso and had to pay millions in 'blood money' it was his (her) clan that coughed up all that money. ;)


Earlier Northerner was talking about the 18th of May celebrations and mentioned that they’re collecting money to build a hospital in one of the Somaliland cities. I am quite happy to wager that the vast majority of people attending that event shall not be mere Somalilanders but people from that named city (and in turn the clans that live in that city). So, you see, clans do build schools and hospitals, etc.




Mrs **. You said 'we need help' and I asked you if it were the help of our clans. Never mind. :D

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Castro ^^^Loool^ Don't come back before you have that list! lol Faarrid, have mercy, she was only kidding.



What did you call me?? :eek: :rolleyes: You want to press that Edit Button fast before i send my clan after your A*ss. something’s clans are good for!


We need the kind of help where the patient is asked so...What exactly did the ant say to you when it threatened you?

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^^^STop being so mean to a fellow ........our clans (if not the same are next door to each other,) do you really want to start a war over little JB. :rolleyes: Anna kaak doow, there is more chance you are related to me than him! icon_razz.gif


Must I also remind you that in fact you are too late already waa lee bixiiy, so is JB :D

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Phone Call


Burco: Haaaaalo

Me: Hello, waayo?

Burco: Waar wa inadeerka Ismail hebel hebel

Me: Ha, waar iiwaran

Burco: Waar telefonko waa go'ayaaye, laacag ayaa lagaa baahanyayhey

Me: Maxaa dacay?

Burco: Ki shoodahey ayaa shaleyto odey gaari jiirsiyey oo lugta ka jabiyey

Me: Subxanallah, ka yar maxaa ka-si'a?

Burco: Waar bal waxaad hayso soodir ka yar anaa la hadli'e

Me: Intee baa la-idin ka rabaa?

Burco: Waar waxaad haysiduun so *** inadeer

Me: Waayahey


Damned qabil!

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Johnny B   

Yeah, hit that button before my clan joins forces with her clan and ....... wait a minute.


Xanthus, all your clan can do is force Ngonge to pay you few of his ..



as a compensation for " aflgado".

Now, Would you trade me for Ngonge's spitting Lamas? i've difficulties believing that. ;)

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^^^Loool^ Not true my clan has other sloutions, like take his sister and marry her to an old man from my clan :D


North lol, maahessa maa jiirtoo, just send it! lol, damn Qabil indeed

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^^^ Stop giggling at him, woman. He just rejected you! This has never happened to us before and I'll have to consult our clan elders on what steps to take to teach this guy a lesson. :D



You need caller ID.

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^^He cannot reject that which was never on offer dear, but I like that you are smart enough to try and turn the tables on someone else to hide form your old crime/mistake. It would've been easier if you had just said sorry and took the comment back, when it was just the two of us earlier. However since you did not, I'm afraid it is now too late, the damage has been done, it is much bigger, and both YOU and JB shall be dealt with severity, my clan shall so forceful yet ever so gentle kick you both off the bench!


p.s. don’t bother uniting, my clan can take on both of yours, and no GEEL shall save either of you today. :D

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By K'naan.


I am told of greatness,

men who've lived twice a life each day,

men who paused to plant their earth their own way,

I am told of peace,

times when stillness rubs passionately with the wind,

times when angels enchant newborns and sing,

I am told of love,

free, unaccounted for, and summoned,

pure, unknowing, and mindless,

I am told of purpose,

some rigidly devoted to it's customs,

consumed entirely by the light unseen,

I am told of commitment,

logic and things that taste like metal,

rhythm-less, but intact and balanced,

But I,

I am a misguided particle,

without face or intent,

without genius to invent,

without sin to repent,

without hazard to prevent,

a lonely one man symbol in a banished verse,

that would have been made into a song,

which would have been realized in a book,

that would have contained my soul,

I am a grain under a well,

poor children drink from,

and I can tell when I am well,

Because it comes to me,

they call it poetry,

a great hand submerges in the water to find me,

it sheds it's shade of shadow around me,

my shell is cracked open like heaven's gate,

fierce light traces the proud yellow moon,

I gasp for wisdom and violently begin to consume,

I cry words, I lie truth, I feel used, possessed loose,

I know nothing,

though darkness has taught me something,

profound profanity and lusting,

women, lies and hypocrisy,

ego, music and vanity,

But it comes to me,

they call it poetry,

I drop at it's feet like a faithful servant,

like a child with a broken rib,

like a pet seeking attention,

or like a loud tear,

I cannot refuse it's will,

I am a captive in it's cage,

made a slave by it's rage,

made a man by it's page,

but it comes to me,

I can't say why, how or when,

it comes around like now and then,

I submit like holly men,

without resentment or reserve,

without reason or response,

I cannot refuse it's will,

I am engulfed by it's flames,

it's fire is my friend,

and my enemy in the end.

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I spoke too soon. It seems like the pseudo-intellectuals on this forum have freed themselves from the mental shackles of qabil. My comments still ring true for the average Somali.

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