Turkey to launch 100% home made Satellite soon. Satellite completed and ready.

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Westerners will never give Turkey advanced weapons there fore Turkey:

Has now activated the S400 system

Joint production of advanced aircraft between Turkey and Russia is near completion

Negotiations for second group of S400s is complete waiting for Signatures.

Expect for HoA to watch TV from Turkish Satellites soon.

Hopefully the Turkish can transfer the low tech factories they have so many to the Horn of Africa. Farmaajo, Abiy, Afwerki and new Sudan PM are all scared of Arab gulf and missing on so much opportunity right now.

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Malaysia's former leader Mahatir Mohamed was recently quoted as saying that the West sells Saudi Arabia and other arab nations demonstrator fighter jets which are sold at premium but lack many of the features. He said for example some of the F16 jets that were sold to Saudi Arabia could not perform well over the skies of Yemen, they required American re-fuelling Aircraft to be standby because they couldn't make a return trip back to their bases due to lack of fuel. In comparison, he said the same fighter jets used by Americans flies from UAE all the way to Iraq/Syria and returns with still enough fuel in the tank. 

The same can be said of the Patriot Anti-Missile shield which couldn't defend Saudi Arabia from the recent bombing of Aramco's biggest refinery in Abqaiq. 

So it makes sense for the Turks to diversity their weapons and also be self sufficient in their manufacturing.  

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What I like about the Turkish is that, they do not do harm on other peoples to please others.

Iran and America have been at each others throat last 40 years. The Turkish have never harmed Iran to please or get favor from America.

Compare that to the Egyptians who would close Gaza the minute PM Netanyahu tells them.

Arabs expelled Syria from the league just to please their European overlords. Turkish never put forward at UN or any other body they can against Syria, but did all they can to overthrow the regime.

They also took advantage of their location: Europe east and west and Asia east and west.

Good education foundation, great industrial base, great history....are fundamental in going up ward mobility.

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They are building just the satellite but they haven't got the technical capability to put them in space. Pakistan has been building its own satellites for years and one step ahead of them is India which not only manufactures satellites but launches them as well. The Indians do things very economically indeed. They put a probe in an orbit around Mars for just $50 million 😁

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Yes, But Indians and Pakistanis has never been in competition let alone at war with their colonial masters.

You forgot one very important factor in these cases. Think of what Iran was able to do regarding satellites.

It was not focus for Turkish until now. They did not have telecommunication , radio or television problem until now.

Now they are starting to have these problems.

They can use Russian, Chinese carriers for now and soon build their own.

For all the Turkish do for Iranians, they can share and jointly operate this activities. Pakistan also would exchange for some of the many many things Pakistan needs from Turkish.

BTW its only matter of money and if profitable Qatar can invest as well.

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