In-depth analysis: Towards Tigray Statehood?

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"It seems that most Tigrayan observers and analysts predict in best case a much weakened federal authority and a transition to a confederal type of arrangement, possibly with ‘split sovereignty’ between the center and regional states; or in the worst case an implosion of power and the disintegration of Ethiopia. These two scenarios, and everything in-between, are possibly all too pessimistic; but as stated optimists are hard to find in Ethiopia these days, let alone in Tigray. The most recent development is pushing towards a political confrontation between TPLF and PP; between the regional state government and the federal authority, as stated in TPLF’s Executive Committee statement from May 4, 2020:"



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Great article and analysis. Ethiopia is on the brink of civil war. The political factions' interests are opposing each other diametrically. Currently, we are witnessing political blows being dealt but eventually, the battle will shift from the political realm to the battlefield, if Abiy Ahmed doesn't compromise. 

Abiy is trying to copy a play from Meles Zenawi's book.  The "first consolidate power, then make your moves" thing. However, in 2020 these sorts of things don't work. Kudos to Tigrayians for forcing Abiy's hand. The ultimate chameleon's cover is blown. 

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6 hours ago, Oodweyne said:

Although the constitution does not spell out the circumstances under which an election may be postponed, it still provides a “framework” allowing it

The parliament will decide the timeline of the next election while allowing constitutional experts to interperet the changes.

I do not see anyone other than Abiy Ahmed holding this fake country.

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