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Decadent Ambition

A day in a small tuulo

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So a friend invited me spens two night´s in the family cottage in the pueblo(tuulo) and boy am I glad to have agreed to it. Away from the damned city and the closest I have been to real nature & baadiye. Alhamdulillah. Also in a long time I have had both breakfast & lunch today. Picture illustrations below, enjoy it folks.

Jimicsiyiin in the sarrirta


Do I need a pedicure? My friend happens to think so.


Preparing quraac


Finjideer nuursasho. A fetish of mine. Mid sidaan eber u ah mar horaa iigu danbeesay


Preparing Arepa, America Latina muufo


Basbaas/Picante 4 quraac


Mouth watering quraac, shakshuuko, mozarella iyo arepa muufo


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Shumacyaal in case koronto tagto


Accoustic for John Lennon & Mr Tambourine man session



Perfect qado of bariis, dooro, avocado iyo moos lakariyey(maduro asado)


Ending the day watching inept congress interrogate Toyota boss on bloomberg. I guess it is true when they say, those who can’t do teach. Those who can´t teach govern.



Tired now. Chapter two coming soon.

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