Abiy has made Ethiopia a lawless face book country keeping Illey for no good reason

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Why is Illey still in prison?
Is it because the Somali community in Ethiopia is so weak?

Illey has never been accused of all the fake accusations on face book?
Illey has never been accused of any "atrocity" "cruelty" manufactured face book campaign

To date the only things Illey has been accused is of incidents that happened:
1. After the Army has kept Illey in what can be said house arrest
2. Its not Somalis that burned churches or killed Priests it some other group brought for that purpose
3. False flag operations was conducted to remove Illey and Amxara were told Illey wanted to seperate Somali Kilil, Oromo were told Illey killed Oromos and expelled a million from Kililka, Somalis were told Illey jailed you killed you inprisoned you with lions and tigers..and every thing under the sun.

Abiy is now going to release some Tigray and maybe some Amxara and Oromos that were jailed, either by Afwerki demand or Abiy was terrified they might overthrow him.

Illey crime in Ethiopia is:
1. He was too autonoous, culturally, educationally, militarily and economic development wise. Everything was Somali Only.
2. He wanted smooth transition since he was giving up precidency and only stay as party leader, a post Ahmed Shide has currently.
3. Those new blood were all strong men/women for Somali autonomy.

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Abiy promised to Ethiopia, there will not be arrest without accusation.
There will not be accusation without investigation.

He broke both on Illey and year later there is not a single article that has been brought to court.

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No one will be shedding any tears for Illey. He abused his own people on behalf of the TPLF.

Abiy will be ruling Ethiopia for the next ten years.You better get to the program before it is too late.

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